Creating and managing campaigns

- Themes of this article - Introduction - What is a campaign (#whatis) - Before you start - Requirements (#trackingcode) - Step by step - Viewing your campaigns (#trackingcode) - Creating a campaign (#create) - Creating a recurring campaign (#createrecurring) - Creating a campaign template (#createtemplate) - Organizing campaigns into groups (#groups) - Duplicating a campaign (#clone) - Deleting a campaign (#delete) - Frequently asked questi...

Auto-generating content using E-goi's AI

- In this article - Introduction - How it works (#whatisai) - Requirements (#requirements) - Costs (#costs) - Before you begin - Where you can use it (#aifeatures) - AI settings (#settingsai) - Using AI on - an email (#emailai) - an SMS, SmartSMS, web push or push message (#smsai) - a sign-up landing page (#webpushai) - an embedded form, pop-up form or on-site message (#pushai) - FAQ - AI across E-goi plans (#availability) - Usage limi...

Campaign Planner. What is it and how to use it?

The Planner is an advanced tool for grouping campaigns, pages, and forms. It allows you to track their performance based on predefined metrics.

Campaign calendar. What is it and how does it work?

E-goi offers a convenient Campaign calendar where you can view and manage your communication activity. You can also add your own ideas and view campaign details.

Using merge codes to personalize messages

Our merge codes allow you to personalize your emails by addressing contacts by their first name and merging other fields from your contact list. It's easy to use and can be done in just a few steps!

Testing and sending a campaign

Before sending a campaign, you can test delivery to see it live in your inbox. A delivery test allows you to check the message before sending it out.