Split-testing a single email


Which version of your email will have the best response? The one with a punchier subject line? The images-heavy version? Should you go for a "More info" button or a "Buy it now"? You can automatically leave that call to your own audience!

Just run an A/B split-test. E-goi will send both versions of your email to a slice of your contact list (usually 10%). Half of those people will get version A while the other half receives version B. E-goi then gauges how each version performs for a couple hours and sends out the winning email (the one with more opens or clicks) to the remaining 90% of your list.

Running an A/B test is pretty easy:

1) Start by creating and saving two or more different versions of the email you want to send. Those differences can be as small (eg. subject line only) or as big (eg. a wholly different layout and pics) as you like.

2) Hit the "Engage" menu and click "Split tests" (on the left-sided menu).

3) Then, in the new page, click the "Create split test" button.

4) Tick the campaigns you've created in the first step. Then choose the mailing list (and its segments, if necessary) you want to run your test on.

5) Under "Split test percentage" enter how the test will be split across your contacts. E-goi defaults to 10% of the list or segment you've selected, but you can make it smaller or larger. These will be the contacts picking your winning campaign!

6) Now simply choose how you want the test to be sent (right there and then or scheduled), how to pick the winner (based on opens or clickthroughs) and how long the test will run for (1 hour is usually enough). Once you've done that, simply select what E-goi should do when the test finishes: it can auto-send the winning campaign to the remainder of your contacts or simply wait for you to check the test results and send the winner manually.

7) All set? Just click "Deploy split test" at the bottom of the page to start A/B testing.

E-goi will then go and do its thing for the number of hours you've chosen. You can monitor the results at any time by heading to the "Campaigns" menu, selecting "Split tests" and hitting "Report" right next to the in-progress A/B test.

The report will include a graph showing which campaign is edging out. When the test is finished, the winning campaign will be marked in green.

And that's all there is to it. A/B tests are perfect to figure out how your email contents truly impacts engagement, as the choice of what works or not is made by your own customers and subscribers (without them realising it). Try it!