Integrating E-goi with WooCommerce

We make it super simple for you integrate your WooCommerce-powered store with E-goi's marketing automation.

Since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, simply follow our Wordpress-E-goi integration how-to. You can use our integration's entire roster of features (forms, auto-responders, contact sync) in WooCommerce as well!

How do I create a shopping cart recovery email for my WooCommerce store?

We've blogged about this. Have a gander!


How do I make my WooCommerce store send notifications via SMS (e.g. payment details, payment made, etc.)?

¡Just use our all-awesome SMS plugin! To do so:

1) Start by installing our WordPress plugin (the notification plugin works on top of it).

2) Then install our SMS notifications plugin.

3) When you're done, hit "Smart Marketing" in your WordPress admin panel and click "SMS Notifications" to activate the plugin.

4) Now top up your E-goi account with enough funds for the SMS texts you believe your store will be doling out. Then, still in E-goi, enable Slingshot (your SMS will be sent through it) and create your SMS sender (ie., the phone number or brand name letting your customers know who's texting them).

5) Head back to your WordPress admin panel, click "Smart Marketing", then "SMS Notificactions" and hit "General settings". Under "E-goi SMS Sender", select the sender you've created in the previous step and make sure the total available funds the plugin displays are the same you topped up in E-goi.

6) Almost there! On that same page, choose when WooCommerce will auto-text your customers (eg. payment completed, pending payment, etc.). To type in your SMS message, click "SMS Messages". You can personalise your text with WooCommerce merge codes (eg. total amount to pay, order ID, store name, etc.).

Save your changes and you're all set! From then on, your store is able to text notifications to anyone purchasing something from you. :-)



How much does each SMS cost?

SMS notifications are always pay-as-you-go. Check out our per-message pricing (under "Transactional SMS").



I sell my products to Portugal. Can I send SMS with Multibanco reference?

Yes! If your WooCommerce accepts the payment methods euPago, ifthenpay or easypay, go to your WordPress admin panel, click "Smart Marketing", then "SMS notifications", choose "General settings" and enable the options in the "SMS Multibanco" section. 



Can I notify only customers who opt in to my SMS notifications?

Yes! Go to your WordPress admin panel, click "Smart Marketing", then "SMS Notificactions", hit "General settings" and choose to alert "Only customers who asked to be notified on checkout". Your checkout page will then include a new SMS alert option - only those people who tick it will be notified.