Integrating E-goi with WordPress

Do you run a WordPress-powered site? You can easily integrate it with E-goi to add marketing automation to your site!

1) Download our Smart Marketing plugin for WordPress and install it. Use your E-goi account's API key to activate it.

2) Once the plugin is up and running, click the "Smart Marketing" menu in your WordPress admin panel and hit "Capture Contacts".

3) Click "Simple Forms" and choose the E-goi list your site visitors will subscribe to. You can also pick or create a tag (eg. "course A", "ebook B", etc.) which E-goi will assign to your subscribrers - perfect to segment them later!

4) Name your form and choose the fields it'll contain. These are usually "Name", "Email" and "Submit button". Save your changes.

5) WordPress will show you the form's shortcode (it looks something like [egoi-simple-form "id=X"], with X being the form's ID number). Simply insert this shortcode in the HTML source of the page you want the form to be displayed. If you use Visual Composer or Page Builder, you can do the same by just adding the "E-goi" item.

You're all set! After publishing your WordPress page, visitors can see your form and will be fed into your E-goi list on subscription. Now just set up an Autobot in E-goi to send them an automated follow-up sequence!


My WordPress returns an error when installing the E-goi plugin. How do I fix it?

Start by checking that:
- Your server meets WordPress minimum requirements (especially the PHP version).
- You have read/write permissions in your WordPress main folder.
- You've got SOAP set up and ready to go in your WordPress PHP.

If you still have trouble installing our plugin, head over to the "Help" menu in your E-goi account and get in touch with us so we can have a look at your WordPress install and sort you out.


Can I create a WordPress sign-up bar? Or embed my form in a widget?

Sure! Hit "Subscriber Bar" instead of "Simple Forms" to enable it and customise its look and feel. Regarding widgets, head over to the "Appearance"  menu in your WordPress admin panel, hit "Widgets" and choose the E-goi form the widget will display. Then, go back to the "Smart Marketing" menu, click "Capture Contacts" and hit "Widget Options" to set those up. 



How do I insert a more advanced form (with extra fields) I've already created in E-goi?

1) Hit "Advanced Forms" instead of "Simple Forms". Then click "Create Form" and choose how you want WordPress to display it (as an Iframe, raw HTML or pop-up).

2) Now head over to E-goi and deploy your existing form using the same option you've selected above. Copy the HTML code we provided and paste it in the form you're currently creating in WordPress (under the "HTML code" section). Save your changes, copy the shortcode WordPress generated for you and insert it in the HTML source of the page you want the form to appear.

Done! The form will be shown to your visitors when you publish your WordPress page.


Can I have my WordPress comments section display an "I want to subscribe" option?

Yes! Head over to the "Smart Marketing" menu in your WordPress admin page, hit "Integrations", enable the comments integration, choose the E-goi list people will be subscribed to and save your changes. Visitors commenting will be given the option to sign up for your list.


How can I sync my WordPress users with my E-goi list?

Quite simple really! Go to the "Smart Marketing" menu in your WordPress admin page, hit "Sync Contacts" and sync your existing WordPress users with E-goi. You can also let E-goi handle this for any new users in your WordPress site by enabling the auto-sync option.


Does your plugin make it even easier for me to add E-goi's web push notifications to my WordPress site?

Yep. Start by setting up your web push invite in E-goi. When grabbing the code for your site, don't copy the whole thing, but rather just the alphanumeric code you see right next to egoiwp.code (it's in bold). Then go to the "Smart Marketing" menu in your WordPress admin page, hit "Web Push" and paste that code in "Insert here the Web Push code". Once you save your changes, the invite will then pop up for anyone browsing your site.


Can add an RSS feed with my latest WordPress posts to an E-goi email?

Sure, our plugin will even generate it for you! Go to the "Smart Marketing" menu in your WordPress admin page, hit "RSS Feed" and choose what the RSS will include (if you've got a WooCommerce store, it can actually display your latest items). Save your changes, grab the link our plugin provides and create an E-goi RSS-based email.


I'm a WooCommerce user. How do I integrate it with E-goi?

Check out this how-to!