Manually authenticating an email sender

One of the things that impact email deliverability the most is your sender address (ie. your "from" address).

Whenever you send out an email using E-goi, most email providers (such as Gmail,, Yahoo and AOL) will notice that we're the ones doing the actual sending. To show them proof we've got your permission to do so, you need to manually authenticate your sender and add our CNAME record.

This can only be done if your sender uses a registered domain (eg. and not a freemail domain (eg., as freemails aren't meant for email marketing!

Sounds tricky? Don't worry, just send our authentication how-to to the company hosting your domain:

1) Go to the upper right-corner menu and click "Senders". If you haven't added a sender yet, do so now.

2) Head over to "Domains" (right-hand side of the page) and hit "Authenticate" right below the domain you've added.

3) A window will come up asking you where the domain is hosted at. Choose it from the list (or click "Other / Don't know") and hit "Next".

4) We'll show you a step-by-step guide containing the E-goi entries you should add to the domain's DNS records. Don't know how to go about it? Simply use the box labeled "Send this how-to to the person or company managing the domain" (at the end of the instructions).

5) Once our entries have been added to your domain, go to the "Validation" step in this same window and click "Verify now" for SPF and DKIM. If all is good, both should turn green. Keep in mind that your DNS changes may take up to 48 hours to propagate (it's usually quite a bit faster though).

You're all set! Your sender is now manually authenticated with SPF, DomainKeys and DKIM. The only thing left is adding our CNAME to your domain!


Should I add a DMARC entry to my domain as well?

It's not absolutely required, but it may help increase your reputation with email services. If you haven't set up DMARC yet, check out this how-to by Google



My domain is private. How can I authenticate it?

Check out this how-to



I haven't got a clue about this authentication business at all. Please help!

Don't worry, we can set it up for you :) Just message us using the "Help" menu. We'll take it from there and also ensure your domain includes our CNAME.