Sending a campaign

It's quite simple to manually send out an email, SMS, SmartSMSpush or voice-based campaign using E-goi:

1) Start by creating your campaign. When it's ready for sending, just deploy it (click "Deploy/Send" while editing it). You can also head over to the campaigns page (hit the "Campaigns" menu) and click the rocket icon next to the campaign you wish to send.

2) You'll be taken to the deployment page. Choose whether you want to send your campaign now or schedule it for later.

3) Then select the mailing list (followed by its segments, if necessary) that your campaign will be sent to. Keep in mind if you don't select a segment, the campaign will be sent out to the whole list, so make sure you choose the right option!

4) All set? Then hit the "Send campaign" button on the upper right corner of the page. If E-goi hasn't analysed your campaign yet, you'll be asked to run an automated pre-send check. Once this is done, click the "Send campaign" button again and a preview will come up. Review it thoroughly and be sure everything is perfect! You can then hit "Deploy/send" (take a deep breath ;)

And off it goes! The campaign will be queued for deployment - in a couple of minutes, E-goi will start getting your messages out the door. While this is happening, you can still pause or cancel the campaign, but once messages have been sent, you can't get them back, as they'll be delivered straight to ISPs or network operators. Again, don't ever send a campaign without first ensuring everything is just right!