Sending a campaign

It's quite simple to send out an email, SMS, Smart SMSpush or voice-based campaign:

1) Edit your campaign. When its content is done, move on to "Setup" (if you've got the whole thing send-ready and just want to get it out the door, go to the "Engage" menu, choose "View all" for your campaign type, click the campaign's options button and choose "Send campaign").

2) Choose whether you want to send your campaign now or schedule it for later.

3) Select the contact list (and its segments, if necessary) that your campaign will be sent to. If you don't pick a segment, the campaign will be out to the whole list, so be sure you choose the right option!

4) All set? Move on to "Checklist" and confirm each of the pre-send checks. Once you've ticked all of them, just hit "Send campaign".

And off it goes! The campaign will be queued - in a short while, E-goi will start sending your messages. You can still pause or cancel the campaign at this stage in case it's a large send, but once messages have been sent you can't get them back, as they'll be delivered straight to ISPs or network operators. So, don't send a campaign without first ensuring everything is just right!