Integrating E-goi with Google Lead Forms

Using lead form extensions in your search ads is a good way to connect with customers easier and faster.
And you can integrate them with E-goi to automatically get those leads data into a contact list and start using E-goi channels to communicate with them. 



What can I do with this plugin?

While you get contact information from your leads straight to E-goi, you can also:
- Segmenting your leads.
- Sending email, SMS and Smart SMS campaigns over them.
- And, why not, create your automation funnels and keep them engaged.


How can I integrate it?

Just follow these steps every time you create a new search ad with its lead form extension :)


Step 1: Create a search ad with the lead form extension

Do you need help here? Check out this Google's how-to.


Step 2: Set up the integration in Google Ads

Once you start setting up the submission message, you can paste E-goi's webhook (we'll see where to find it just in the next step ;)).

1- Open the Lead delivery option.

2- Paste E-goi's webhook

3- Type something on Key. It's a requirement just to be able to move forward, but it won't be used (you can type, for example: 111111).

4- Click Send test data.

5- And return to E-goi's integration page (where you have got the webhook) and click Start.


Step 3: Pick the webhook in E-goi and activate the connection

1- Go to Goidini - a handy tool we put together to make your integration as smooth as possible.
Hit Login, upper right corner, and enter the same login and password you use for your E-goi account.

2- Click Add and choose Google Lead Form. The integration page will be shown.

3- Copy your webhook and paste it in the Extension.


Step 4: Set up what to sync with E-goi

And it's almost done!
Once the connection is made, you may land to the integration settings: to select the list where the contacts coming from the ad will be added, to add a tag to them (if you want to), to select the language and the fields to be synced.
All set up as you like? Click Save :)



How can I go to my syncing options?

Oh, just a couple of steps! ;)
You can do it by accessing Goidini with the same login and password you use for your E-goi account.
And you can also do it in the Integrations page of your E-goi account. Just head the upper-right menu and click Integrations. Then scroll down the page until you find "More integrations" and click View all.
And that's all! There you'll find all your activated integrations, including Google Lead Form.