What's the contact list callback and how do I use it?

If you use your own external CRM to manage your customers and you've got some coding-fu, our callback is an easy, no-frills way to sync them with E-goi.

It works like this: whenever a contact subscribes to your list, edits their subscription or opts out, E-goi will pass this to a URL you've set. You can then parse it as you please. :-)

Let's say you'd like unsubscribers in your E-goi list to be removed from your CRM as well:

1) Set up a URL in your site to act as callback. It should be able to handle XML input and save requests (eg. https://www.example.com/CallbackEgoi.aspx ).

2) Log into your E-goi account, head over to the "Lists" menu and click "Options" of the contact list you want to set a callback for.

3) You should see the list settings page. Hit "Notifications" (left-hand side of the page) and scroll down to "API callback". Enter the URL you've set up in step 1, tick the unsubscription actions you want E-goi to notify your callback URL and save your changes.

All good! From then on, every time someone opts out from your list, your callback URL will be sent an XML file with the contact's info. Simply use it to manually or automatically delete the contact in your CRM.


Can you show me an example of the data you'll be passing to my callback?

Sure thing! For example, when a contact unsubscribes, E-goi will pass the following dataset along (it's similar to our API's):





Are there any other ways I can sync up my CRM with E-goi?

Ideally you should always go for either one of our integrations or E-goi's API. Still, if your CRM isn't in your integrations list yet, a callback will do the job.