Integrating E-goi with ManyChat

Do you use Facebook to keep in touch with your customers and to send automated messages through ManyChat? Then you can integrate it with E-goi to empower your lead capture strategy and your communications. 

What can I do with this plugin?

While you can set up this bot to welcome customers, send content to them or answer common questions, you can also connect it with E-goi and: 
- Get the email of those customers and segment them.
- Send email campaigns to them.
- And, why not, create your automation funnels and keep them engaged.


How can I integrate it?

There are several ways to start an automated conversation on your Facebook page through ManyChat.

In this case we will be using the Growth Tool feature to create the sequence and then see the essencial steps to make this integration possible.
Curious about how to create another sequences? Simply check the ManyChat library.
Just keep in mind that every single sequence is independent, which means that you should set up the integration every time you create a new sequence. But don't worry, the steps are quite similar and it's always done using the webhook :)


Step 1: Log in to ManyChat or create an account

Log in to your ManyChat account. If you don't have any, create it clicking here :)
Bare in mind that only ManyChat Pro accounts allow integrations. The good news: you only need that plan while you are running a lead capture action.

Step 2: Create the automated sequence in ManyChat

Let's follow an example using the Growth Tool:
- The ideia: creating a post to send a special offer to whoever type "yes" in the comments. 
- The people who reply will receive a thank you message asking them to confirm the action.
- That's the moment to ask for their email to complete the confirmation (it can be a condition to receive the offer).
- From there, you can send as many messages as you want.


Let's do this! :)
1- Once you login to ManyChat, find the left-handed panel and click Growth Tools. Then click Widget and select Facebook Comments.

2- Set the automated flow up: select the Facebook post where you want to work on, the key-words, the auto-response and the opt-in message.

3- Once you reach the Opt-In Actions page, click Edit.



Step 3: Set up the lead capture button 

1- Add a Free Keyboard Input to the automated message flow (this is the place where people will type their emails).

2- Choose where do you want to save that data, in this case would be the ManyChat's Email default field.

3- Then, add a Perform Action and select External Request.

4- You'll see a new window where you will be copying E-goi's webhook (we'll see where to find it just in the next step ;)).


Step 4: Pick the webhook in E-goi and activate the connection

1- Go to Goidini - a handy tool we put together to make your integration as smooth as possible.
Hit Login, upper right corner, and enter the same login and password you use for your E-goi account.

2- Click Add and choose ManyChat. The integration page will be shown.

3- Copy your webhook and paste it in ManyChat.


4- Return to many ManyChat, paste the code and test the conection between the platforms following the steps shown in the image below.

5- Click Save and return to E-goi to finish by clicking Start.


Step 5: Set up what to sync with E-goi

And we're almost there!
You may have landed to the integration settings: to select the list where the contacts coming from ManyChat will be added, to add a tag to them (if you want to), to select the language and the fields to be synced.
Once you finish, click Save and it's ready to be tested! :)


How can I go to my syncing options?

Oh, just a couple of steps! ;)
You can do it by accessing Goidini with the same login and password you use for your E-goi account.
And you can also do it in the Integrations page of your E-goi account. Just head the upper-right menu and click Integrations. Then scroll down the page until you find "More integrations" and click View all.
And that's all! There you'll find all your activated integrations, including ManyChat.