What are the available subscription statuses for my contacts in E-goi?

They can be one of the following:



Your contacts' standard status. E-goi will only send mailings to active contacts!



These contacts:

a) opted out from the list (by clicking the "remove" link of an email E-goi sent them or by flagging that email as spam in some ISPs, such as Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo).

b) were manually removed by you in E-goi.

E-goi will never mail removed contacts. For anti-spam compliance reasons, you can't edit a removed contact's profile nor change them back to "active", except if you removed them manually.

In case a "removed" contact subscribes again to your list through a form, that contact becomes "active" and starts receiving your campaigns once again.

Keep in mind that if you signed up for one of our monthly plans, any removed contacts in your account won't count towards the total contacts of your plan! :)



If you use a double opt-in subscription form, E-goi will send the contact an email with a link they must click on to confirm their subscription.

Contacts remain as "unconfirmed" in E-goi until they click that email link (at which point their status will change to "active").

E-goi will never mail unconfirmed contacts, as they haven't confirmed their subscription yet.


Waiting for re-confirmation

This is pretty similar to "unconfirmed", but is meant for contacts whom E-goi has resent your subscription confirmation email. They will become "active" upon clicking the email's confirmation link.

E-goi will never mail contacts waiting for re-confirmation, as they haven't confirmed their subscription yet.



If for some reason you'd like E-goi to temporarily stop mailing a set of contacts in your list, just change their status to "inactive". To resume sending, switch them back to "active".



Moved contacts have been carried over from one list into another (via E-goi's "Move contacts" feature). They will be marked as "moved" in the source list (permanently) and "active" in the destination list.

E-goi will never mail contacts with "moved" status.




If a contact asks you to be forgotten, they'll be anonymised in E-goi and won't be sent any messages as per GDPR.