Removing contacts in my list

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Removed contacts will no longer be sent any of your E-goi campaigns or messages.



How contacts are removed

The contact opts out

If a contact clicks the "Unsubscribe" link E-goi adds to your email, they'll be automatically removed from your list.

You manually remove the contact

You can remove contacts in E-goi or via our API. They won't be deleted - you'll see them as strikethrough entries labelled "Removed" in your list.



If your E-goi plan has a contact limit, removed contacts don't count towards your plan quota.


To remove contacts:

1) Go to the Contacts menu and click the Contacts button of the list containing the contacts you'll be removing.

2) The contacts page will come up. What happens next depends on what you want to do.

Important! Contacts who were sent a campaign in the last 30 days won't be removed, so they can get enough time to unsubscribe or edit their subscription. If you don't want them to receive any further campaigns in the meantime, change their status to "Inactive".


Removing single or multiple contacts

In your contact list, click the contact's options button (right-side of the listing) and choose Remove.



To delete multiple contacts, tick the checkbox to the left of each one to select them.



Then hit Actions, choose the Remove contacts option and confirm your choice.


Removing all contacts in your list

In your contact list, be sure no contact is selected and hit Actions.



Choose the Remove contacts option in the action window and confirm your choice. All contacts will be removed.


Removing all contacts in a segment

Create or load the segment containing the contacts you'll be removing. Then hit Actions and choose the Remove contacts action.



Editing removed contacts

Removed contacts can still be edited as usual (eg, renaming or tagging them). When in your contact list, just click the contact's options button and choose Edit.




Re-enabling removed contacts

If the contact unsubscribed by mistake and asks you to re-subscribe:

1) Create a sign-up form in the list the contact unsubscribed from (if you already created a form in it, head over to the Collect menu, go to Forms and hit View all).

2) Click the form's options button, choose Link and hit Copy.

3) Provide the contact with the form link and tell them to use it to re-subscribe.

Once the contact re-subscribes, their status in the list will be back to "Active".

Important! Unsubscribed contacts can't be re-enabled, except if they specifically ask you to re-subscribe. This is key for you to keep GDPR-compliant!


If you manually removed the contact in E-goi:

1) Locate the contact in your E-goi list.

2) Click the contact's options button and choose Edit.

3) Under Subscription status, switch the status to Active and save your changes.



Hide removed contacts

If you don't want removed contacts to be visible in your list:

1) Go to your E-goi user settings.

2) Untick Show removed contacts and save your changes.



Permanently removing contacts as per GDPR

See this how-to



Customising unsubscription reasons

When contacts opt out from your list (by clicking the unsubscription link in a message you sent them via E-goi), they can pick one of the reasons below (and leave an optional comment):

  • I don't want to unsubscribe (this will immediately re-subscribe the contact)
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of time
  • Spam
  • Other reason
Important! You can't delete or modify these opt-out reasons, as they are required by GDPR best practices.

You can add extra reasons if necessary (eg. "I didn't like your customer service"):

1) Go to the Contacts menu and click Options for the contact list you want to add opt-out reasons to.

2) In the options page, click Public pages and head over to Opt-out.

3) Under Custom opt-out reasons, hit Add (if the list has multiple languages, be sure to add them in those languages as well).

4) Add the extra reasons you need and click Save. Then, in the options page, click Save (bottom of the page).



Do contacts with invalid email addresses get removed as well?

No. If a contact's email address is invalid (ie. bounces back), E-goi won't email them anymore. But you can still send them, say, SMS, voice or push messages if you've got additional data for the contact in the list, such as their mobile number.