How is my contact quota calculated?

When signing up for a paid plan, you can send unlimited emails, web push, and push messages based on the total number of contacts in your E-goi account. The count includes email addresses, web push tokens, and push tokens. Duplicate email addresses are counted individually. Removed contacts and contacts in the GoSend plan do not count towards the quota.

How does the automated contact clean-up work?

Regularly cleaning up your contact list is essential for maintaining good email deliverability. E-goi offers an automated clean-up feature that removes inactive and potentially risky contacts. This helps to ensure that your emails reach the right audience and avoid being marked as spam. Use the clean-up tool to remove non-openers and invalid email addresses, and consider enabling double opt-in validation to prevent spammy addresses from entering your list.

Searching contacts across all my lists

Quickly find out if a contact is in your E-goi account and their subscription status by using the search feature. Just enter their info and hit search.

Creating unique fields

Unique fields are used to prevent duplicate data in a contact list. For example, the "email" field is usually made unique to avoid repeated emails in the list. Other fields can be made unique as well. E-goi automatically makes the "email" field unique when creating a contact list for sending emails. The "mobile" field is made unique when sending SMS texts or voice broadcasts.

Creating a contact list

You can easily manage and grow your contact list on E-goi. Create a new list or import contacts into the preset list. You can also add extra fields to customize your list. Check your account type to see how many lists you can create.

Permanently removing a contact as per GDPR

GDPR grants individuals the right to be erased from contact lists. E-goi provides easy ways to delete their data and ensures privacy rights are upheld.

Reconfirming your list for GDPR

GDPR requires consent from contacts. To reconfirm your list, set up a re-permission form, customize it, and create a re-permission email. Those who consent can be saved as "Consenters," and those who don't can be saved as "Non-consenters." After 30 days, remove the non-consenters.

What's the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Should I dread it?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to enhance security and privacy control for EU citizens. E-goi helps businesses comply with GDPR requirements, such as obtaining explicit consent, providing transparency about data usage, and allowing easy unsubscribe options. E-goi also ensures secure storage of personal data. However, businesses must independently notify data protection authorities in case of a breach, appoint a person to protect databases, and honor requests for data e...

Does GDPR require me to ask for permission from all my contacts again?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not require re-consent from contacts if you already follow best practices and have procedures in place to protect personal data. You can still message contacts via SMS, push or voice-based messages if they consented to receive messages through email. Old contacts do not need to re-confirm their subscription, but it's recommended to use a double opt-in form for new customers. If your contacts aren't even single opt-in, it's important to fix that ...

What are the available subscription statuses for my contacts in E-goi?

Contact statuses in E-goi include active, removed, unconfirmed, waiting for re-confirmation, inactive, moved, and forgotten.

Deleting a contact list

Deleting a list in E-goi is simple. Go to Contacts > View all, click options next to the list, choose "Delete" and confirm. However, note that you can only delete a list 30 days after sending a campaign to it.

Importing contacts from a file

E-goi makes it easy to import your contacts from a CSV or Excel file. You can upload any contact database and easily map the data fields. Once imported, you can update your existing contacts' data or tag the contacts for segmentation. You can also create importing templates to save time and automate importing from your own site. E-goi will email you the import results and provide explanations for each result.

Adding extra fields to a contact list

You can easily add extra fields to your contact list in E-goi, such as city, customer code, or favorite items. Just follow these steps: go to Contacts, select the list, click Options, scroll down to Extra fields, click Add, enter the field name and type, and click Save.

Merging multiple lists or contacts into a single list

Targeting contacts with relevant mailings is key for deliverability. You can have separate mailing lists or use segments in a single list to target them effectively. To move contacts from multiple lists into a single list, follow simple steps outlined in the helpdesk article.

Segmenting my contact list (segments, tags and extra fields)

Effective email marketing requires segmenting your contacts to send relevant content. E-goi offers various ways to segment your database easily.

Removing contacts in my list

This article explains how to remove contacts in E-goi, including removing single or multiple contacts, removing all contacts in a list or segment, and editing or re-enabling removed contacts. It also discusses hiding removed contacts and permanently removing contacts according to GDPR guidelines. Additionally, it clarifies that contacts with invalid email addresses will no longer receive emails but can still receive other types of messages if additional data is available.

Editing contacts

Modifying contacts in E-goi is easy! Edit a single contact or modify multiple contacts at once by following these simple steps.

How many lists I can have in E-goi?

It is recommended to have a single mailing list with segments and tags for targeted communication. However, if needed, multiple lists can be created within the limit set by the E-goi plan. Upgrading the account or deleting lists are possible options if the limit is exceeded.

Using an email parser to auto-add contacts to my list

E-goi allows you to automatically add customers to your mailing list by parsing their order confirmation emails from various shopping carts and services.

Resending the opt-in confirmation email to contacts who haven't confirmed their subscription yet

If a contact fails to confirm their subscription, E-goi allows you to resend the opt-in email once to contacts with an "Unconfirmed" status.

Which date formats can I use when importing my database?

After importing contacts into E-goi, the dates will be displayed in the standard international format: yyyy-mm-dd.

What's a "list of entries" field and how should I import it into E-goi?

You can add extra fields to contacts in E-goi for additional information. For example, you can create a field for a list of favorite products.

Exporting my mailing lists

Exporting contacts is easy with E-goi. Simply go to the Contacts menu, select the list you want to export, and click the Export button. You can even export large lists or segments in the background and access them later.

Keeping my contact list healthy

Filtering out contacts who never open your emails is crucial for maintaining good deliverability. E-goi provides easy steps to clean up your list and keep it engaged.

What's the maximum database file size I can import into E-goi?

You can import database files up to 30 MB. Tips: save Excel files as CSV, compress larger CSV files in gzip format, import only needed columns.

Managing tags

E-goi's tags allow easy segmentation of your mailing list. To modify tags, go to the "Lists" menu, click on "Contacts" in the desired list, and use the gear icon in the "Tags" panel to create, delete, rename, or change tag colors. Changes will be applied to all tagged contacts.

Undoing an import

If you import a bad mailing list that damages your sending reputation or gets your account suspended, you can easily undo the import. Just go to the "Contacts" menu, select the list, and choose "Undo" to remove all imported contacts.

Does E-goi purge invalid emails when importing my contact list?

E-go can automatically remove misspelled and duplicate email addresses when importing your mailing list. However, for a thorough clean-up and to ensure all emails are valid, you can use their automated clean-up service. This service is especially useful for old lists, contacts who haven't confirmed their subscription, and when moving lists from providers that don't filter invalid addresses. Validating your list will remove bounces and sketchy addresses, improving deliverability. Removed addresse...

How does the suppression list work?

The suppression list in E-goi prevents the re-importing of bad contacts that could harm your email deliverability. It includes invalid email addresses, addresses reporting spam, and contacts requesting to never receive anything from you. Contacts can be manually added to the suppression list, but they can be re-added if they subscribe through a sign-up form or are inserted manually.

Running a contest

Easily run a contest and draw winners from your E-goi mailing list. Just follow the steps, choose the number of winners, and let E-goi do the rest!

What do my contact import results mean?

When importing contacts into E-goi lists, you can check the import results in the "Actions" section. The results are divided into imported, updated, ignored, and invalid contacts. You can download a report to analyze and adjust the ignored or invalid contacts. Make sure to properly map email and phone number fields during the import process.

Adding contacts

E-goi makes it easy to add contacts for sending messages. You can manually add, copy and paste, import from Excel/CSV, or use opt-in forms or external apps.