Permanently removing a contact as per GDPR

GDPR grants people a right to be erased - ie. having their data removed from your contact list and stop being sent any of your messages.

E-goi makes this pretty easy. If a contact asks you to be forgotten, simply edit their profile and hit "Forget this contact as per GDPR" (you can also do it using our API).

That's basically it! In 30 days we'll empty out all their data (name, email, mobile, any extra fields etc.).

We'll also switch their status to "Forgotten", which hides all their info from view as per GDRP privacy rights. Their stats (opens, clickthroughs, etc.) will remain in E-goi to keep results consistent though.


I've got a right-to-erasure request for an email address or mobile number only. How do I go about it?

Right to erasure applies to the whole contact. This means you should search for any contacts using that email address or mobile number and hit "Forget this contact as per GDPR" for each of them.


I also have the contact's data stored outside E-goi. What should I do?

Wipe it out permanently. Their right to be forgotten means none of the contact's data should remain with you.


What happens if the contact opts in to one of my lists again?

They'll re-subscribe as usual. E-goi will see them as an entirely new contact.


Why doesn't E-goi automatically forgets the contact when I get a right-to-erasure request?

Because we're not managing your data - you are. We simply provide you with tools to do it :)