Permanently removing a contact as per GDPR

GDPR grants people a right to be erased - ie. having their data removed from your contact list and stop being sent any of your messages.

E-goi makes this pretty easy. If a contact asks you to be forgotten, simply:

1) Hit the "Contacts" menu and click "View all" (on the left-sided menu).

2) Hit the options button on the upper right corner (right alongside the "Create list" button) and choose "Search contacts". Type in the contact's email address (or their mobile or phone) and click "Search".

3) E-goi will return any lists where the contact has been found. Click "View contact" to edit their profile and hit "Forget this contact as per GDPR".

That's basically it! In 30 days we'll empty out all their data (name, email, etc.), including any other fields (postal address, customer code, etc.) the list may feature. We'll also switch their status to "Removed" so they won't receive any further E-goi mailings from you. Their contact profile won't show any of their E-goi action history (opens, clickthroughs, etc.) either, as per GDRP privacy rights. If you also got the contact's data stored outside E-goi, wipe it out permanently as well, as their right to be forgotten means absolutely none of the contact's data should remain with you.


A contact told me "please delete all my data". How should I go about it?

Follow the same steps above, with one exception: don't click "Forget this contact as per GDPR". Just manually empty out all their profile data, switch them to "Removed" status and add them to your E-goi suppression list to ensure their data isn't imported in the future.


Why am I the one doing this whole removing or forgetting business instead of E-goi?

Because we're not managing your data - you are. We simply provide you with tools to do it :)