Email campaign options

You probably want to personalise your email campaign as much as possible, right?
And actually you can do it! You will see here the options that you can define to optimise your communications and increase your email open rates.
Let's see how to do it and what each option is about.



How do I set my email options?

1) Head over the Engage menu, hover the mouse pointer over Email, and hit Create.

2) Pick the contact list you'll be doing this send to.

3) Then choose Broadcast and click Next. Hit From scratch and choose whether you'll create your email using the Builder or the Advanced editor. Type in the email's subject line and click "Next".

4) You'll be taken to the email options page that you can customise according to your needs and target audience.


Basic Options:

Subject: It will be first thing that your contacts see right after the email sender. The subject can be the key of a good email open rate and that's why we recommend you to take your time on it :). And add merge codes to make it even more personalised, if you want to.

Sender: This will be the email address used to send the email and it will be visible to your contacts. You can either select one of your already defined ones or you can add a new sender from here just by clicking on the blue button.

Reply-to: It will be the reply email and you can choose a different address from the previous one. This is very useful if you prefer your contacts' replies to go into another inbox (to a different team, por example). You can either select one of your already defined email addresses or you can add a new one just by clicking on the blue button.


Advanced Options:

Integrate with Track & Engage: Are you planning to link your website into your campaign? Then you can turn this option on to track the pages that have been visited by your contacts and learn about their interests.
Just remember to set up the Track & Engage before using this option.

Let contacts comment on this email via Facebook: This one allows your contacts interaction with the email campaign by commenting on it via Facebook.

Integrate with Google Analytics: Ideal for analysing visits to your website. You can either keep the parameters suggested by E-goi (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_campaign
and utm_content
) or customise them. Just integrate your E-goi account with Google Analytics before selecting this option.

Auto-generate snippet: This is the top-line sentence of your email displayed after the subject line. Use the auto-generated version or personalise it to increase your campaign open rate.

Auto-generate plain text version: Use this one to ensure that contacts using text-only email readers can see your email content.

Thumbnail: It's a preview picture of your email in case that you auto-share it on Facebook or Twitter.



Can I add conditional content to my email options?

Sure! :) Apart from adding conditional content into your email body, you can also do it on the Subject, the Sender and the Reply-to.

Say you want to send a campaign through 2 segments of your list (contacts from the U.K. and contacts from the U.S.) and you need to tweak the subject, the sender and/or the reply-to for each of them.
You can do it by creating only one campaign.


How can I do it?

Very very simple. Find the + Variation option just below the Subject, the Sender or the Reply-to and basically follow these 3 steps:
Clic + Variation, custom the content and select the segment.

You should also keep in mind that:
- You can add as many segment-based variations as you want.
- You customise your Subject variation using merge codes.
- You must also choose those segments before sending the campaign, in the Setup step of your campaign creation.