Understanding the email campaign report

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Adding products to my email using Email Builder

E-goi allows you to automatically add items from your online store to your email campaign, including manually-added items, abandoned cart items, dynamic if-based items, alternative or similar items, related items, and last seen items. You can use various widgets in the Email Builder to easily add these products to your emails.

How does E-goi know which countries people are opening my email from?

When a contact opens your email, E-goi tracks their IP address to determine their country and possibly their city. However, contacts can hide their IP location using a proxy server. Auto-segmentation by country is reliable, but segmenting by city is better achieved through a sign-up form where subscribers indicate their city.

Creating an email using the Advanced Editor (visual editor + HTML code)

Create professional newsletters quickly with Egoi's Advanced Editor! Easily adjust HTML code, insert images/videos, organize content in columns, and more.

Adding conditional content to my email

E-goi allows you to add segment-based variations to any part of your emails, not just pictures. You can customize content based on different segments in your contact list.

Creating an email using Email Builder

Email Builder is a user-friendly email editor that allows you to create professional newsletters easily. It is mobile responsive and compatible with various email platforms. Just drag and drop items, customize them, and you're good to go!

What's an email open and how does E-goi track it?

E-goi tracks email opens when recipients view images or click links. ISPs measure engagement similarly. Apple Mail's Privacy Protection doesn't impact open rates. To weed out false opens, include an "invisible" link or use alternative tracking methods like SMS texts, on-site messaging, web push notifications, or E-goi's Track & Engage.

How can I prevent my emails from ending up in the spam folder?

Deliverability is crucial for email marketing success. To improve it, ensure opt-in consent, engage your audience, authenticate your sender, and check for content issues.

Customising my email footer

E-goi automatically adds a footer to your emails, but you can customize it. You can change the content and style, but certain elements like the unsubscribe link and E-goi's seal are required by law and cannot be disabled. However, under certain conditions, you can use your own footer with your own unsubscribe link. Contact E-goi for more information.

A/B testing an email

E-goi allows you to run A/B tests for your email campaigns, helping you determine which version performs best based on open and click rates. You can also run A/B tests within your automations.

How often should I send my mailings?

The key to successful email marketing is frequency and engagement. Clearly state how often subscribers will receive emails and send consistent, relevant content.

I'm not receiving emails sent by E-goi in my corporate address. Now what?

If emails sent from E-goi are not reaching your corporate email address, it may be due to email routing settings. To fix it, ask your tech team to edit the domain's MX records and set the email exchanger rules to "Automatically Detect Configuration". If you're still having trouble, run these tests: //helpdesk.e-goi.com/640688-E-goi-seems-slow-or-shaky-Is-there-anything-in-my-Internet-connection-messing-with-it

E-goi says my domain is recent or that a link is blacklisted. Help!

If you recently registered a domain, email providers may view it as suspicious and mark your emails as spam. Contact us for assistance.

What do my anti-spam test results mean?

E-goi's anti-spam breakdown test, based on SpamAssassin, helps identify and fix common issues that may cause emails to be blocked by corporate firewalls.

Adding dynamic content to my email using XML or JSON

E-goi makes it easy to automatically plug external content into your email using XML or JSON. Just follow the rules and set up a URL for your online store.

I've got a low sending reputation. Why?

Sending unsolicited emails, having lots of complaints, opt-outs, and bounces can damage your sending reputation and result in emails not reaching the inbox or account suspension. Importing unauthorized, old, purchased, or offline lists, sending irrelevant or third-party content, and sending spam should be avoided.

I'm getting lots of bounces. Why?

The main causes of a low sending reputation are old mailing lists, purchased or harvested lists, and offline lists. Bounces from invalid email addresses can lead to account suspension. Other factors can also impact reputation.

I'm getting lots of complaints and opt-outs. Why?

The reasons for a low sending reputation include lack of consent, outdated lists, purchased or harvested lists, and offline lists. Spam complaints and unsubscribes can lead to account suspension. Learn more here: //helpdesk.e-goi.com/398440-Ive-got-a-low-sending-reputation-Why

Gmail and Yahoo deliverability best practices

Gmail and Yahoo have specific deliverability rules to combat spam and phishing emails. These rules include not using Google-based email senders, authentication with DKIM, SPF, and DMARC, avoiding spam complaints, and providing a clear unsubscription link. Following these rules is crucial for inbox delivery on these platforms.

Creating an email campaign

The text explains how to create an email campaign using different design options and provides a link to understand the settings of the campaign.

Warming up my IP address

E-goi offers the option of using a shared IP or a dedicated IP for sending emails. Warming up a dedicated IP is important to prove it is a good sender and avoid being flagged as spam. The warm-up process typically takes 30 days and involves gradually increasing email sending volume. E-goi provides guidance throughout the process.

Adding an RSS feed to my email

E-goi offers a way to automatically plug in and deliver RSS feeds to subscribers' inboxes, making it easy to email blog posts or newsletters.