Creating an email using the Advanced Editor (visual editor + HTML code)

Would you like to create a professional newsletter quickly, but you need to make some adjustments in the HTML code?

We knew you would, so we created Egoi's Advanced Editor! 

Let's see how it works:

1) Hit the "Engage" menu, hover the mouse pointer over "Email", and hit "Create".

2) Pick the contact list you'll be doing this send to. Then choose "Broadcast" and click "Next".

3) Then create the email "From Scratch" and then start with a "Blank email". Write down the email's subject, opt to edit the email using "Advanced (visual editor + HTML code)" and click "Next".

4) You'll be taken to the email options - customise them according to your needs. The key bit here is selecting your sender (ie, the email address your message will be sent from). Then hit "Next".

Note: You can go back to the email options whenever you need to; just click "Options" on the bottom bar.


5) There you go! On the left-hand side you can create your email using the Visual Editor. On the right-hand side you can work with HTML code.



What options do I have in the Visual Editor?

The Visual Editor, on the left side, is very similar to common editors. 
To create your email you just need to start writing and editing content by using the options on the top bar. 
Let's have a look:


How can I insert an image or video?

You can insert an image by clicking on the Egoi Filemanager icon . Then choose an image or upload one from your computer.


To insert a video click the  button and paste the video link.


Both images and videos can be adjusted; just click over them and select the options in the menu that show up.



Can I organise my content in "columns"?

For sure! Just go to the top bar, click "Insert table" and start adding your content inside each cell. The table will work as a structure that you can either show or hide.



What are my options in the HTML Editor?

It's a no-frills editor; you're basically free to type in any HTML code you need :), but you've still got a couple of options.

Check them out:


I would like to work only with the HTML Editor. How can I do it?

Easy-peasy! Just select one of the options below the advanced editor.



And that's it. Edit away! :)