Storing email replies in E-goi

Whenever people answer an email you sent out using E-goi, they'll be replying to the email address you've set as sender (or the one you've chosen as your email's reply-to address).

This means you'll often get a lot of automated out-of-office replies. E-goi can filter those out for you in addition to storing your contacts' real answers, so you don't need to check your inbox altogether! Just do the following:

1) When sending an email, enable the "Store replies in E-goi" option in the campaign deployment page (right underneath "Reply-to", on the right-hand side of the page).

2) Once your campaign is out the door, any replies from your contacts which are not out-of-office answers will be shown on each contact's profile. To view a specific contact's answer, search for that contact, bring their profile up, hit the "Activity" tab and click "View" on the answer to the campaign you sent. 

This allows you to both prevent your inbox from getting flooded with unwanted auto-replies and also do answer-based segmentation across your list.


How can I segment my contacts based on what they reply?

Quite simple. To view only people who answered your email, create a segment using the "Contacts who replied" automated segment.

To view those whose answer includes a specific word, create a segment using "Campaign reply contents" and type in the word you want to search.

You can also do segments based on reply date and number of replies. Simply choose the criteria you need.


Can I trigger automations (Autobots) when people reply to my email?

Sure! Just set up an Autobot and use the "Reply" trigger.