On-site Messaging. What is it and how to add it to my site?

On-site Messaging is a pop-up message which E-goi can auto-trigger across your site to engage your visitors.

Perfect for:

  • Promoting exclusive content.
  • Announcing special offers.
  • Notifying your visitors of service changes and important information.
  • Collecting leads via embedded pop-up forms.

Use them to create a friendly targeted experience for your visitors.



Types of On-site Messages

You can use E-goi to create:

  • Pop-up box: Smack right in the middle of the page to highlight new arrivals or special offers.
  • Sidebar: Left or right-sided.
  • Banner: Across your site header or footer.
  • Fullscreen: Similar to a pop-up box, but fills the entire page.



What's the right timing for my pop-up messages?

You can choose from a number of behavioural triggers to engage people when it counts. Examples:

  • When landing on your webpage.
  • When scrolling down a certain per cent.
  • When intending to exit.
  • When browsing for some time.



How do I add an on-site message to my site?

Step 1: Create an on-site message

1) Go to the Engage menu and hit Create under On-site Messaging.

2) Select the website you want to enable it on and hit Next.

3) Choose whether to create it From scratch or off one of our templates.

Important: Each On-site Message needs to be assigned to a website, which you must have previously configured in E-goi's Connected Sites.


Step 2: Set your options

  • Internal name: The message name in E-goi.
  • Language: The message language.
  • Behavioural trigger: To pop the on-site message up.


Step 3: Customise your message

Simply use our editor to drag the items you want the message to include. Item settings are on the right-side panel.
If you ever whipped up a webpage using E-goi's landing page builder, you'll feel right at home.

You can also choose where the message will pop up from the screen and how large you want it to be (under Settings in the upper right corner of the editor).

When you're done, hit Next.


Step 4: Double-check your on-site message and enable it

If there's anything you want to change, just click Edit. Once you're happy with it, you can either enable the on-site message right now or use E-goi's Connected Sites to do it at any time :)



How do I see the my On-site Message results?

1) Go to the Engage menu and click View All under On-site Messaging.

2) Locate the on-site message you need, click its options button (right-hand side) and choose Results.