People won't always see my SmartSMS link preview (or a preview If I add a link to my SMS). Why?

When you send out an E-goi SmartSMS ( (or an SMS ( or Transactional SMS (

Tips and restrictions on sending SMS and SmartSMS

Delivering your SMS ( or SmartSMS ( messages may depend on the destination country. Recommendations - To add an unsubscribe l...

Sending SMS Messages to the USA

Whether you send SMS ( / Smart SMS ( campaigns or have set up Transactional (

Do I need to change anything in my SMS marketing under GDPR?

Not if you've been following SMS marketing best practices ( :) The General Data Protection Regulation ( doesn't sa...

Creating an SMS message

This is pretty simple to do: 1) Hit the Engage menu, hover the mouse pointer over SMS, and click Create. 2) Choose the contact list you want to send your text to (make sure you've already imported your contacts' mobile numbers into it (//

Creating a Smart SMS message

A Smart SMS ( contains your...