People won't always see my SmartSMS link preview (or a preview If I add a link to my SMS). Why?

When sending an SMS with a webpage link, the preview appearance depends on the mobile device and operating system. Customization is possible through HTML code.

Tips and restrictions on sending SMS and SmartSMS

This article provides tips and recommendations for delivering SMS and SmartSMS messages, including character and message size restrictions and sender limitations based on country.

Sending SMS Messages to the USA

Learn everything you need to know about sending SMS messages to the US, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, including regulations and restrictions.

Do I need to change anything in my SMS marketing under GDPR?

Ensure compliance with GDPR by obtaining prior consent, clearly stating the content and frequency of texts, displaying your business as the sender, and providing an easy opt-out option for recipients. If contacts have consented to receive messages via email, you can also send SMS. For easy unsubscribing, use Smart SMS with an "!remove" link or include an unsubscribe link in the message. If contacts are single opt-in, sending a Smart SMS stating GDPR compliance is sufficient.

Creating an SMS message

Learn how to create and send SMS campaigns using E-goi. Choose your contact list, customize your sender, and create your SMS text. Test it and send it out to your contacts. Be aware of the limitations and restrictions of different network operators and consider using Smart SMS or push notifications for more complex messages.

Creating a Smart SMS message

Smart SMS allows you to easily add trackable pictures, forms, and videos to your texts. You can create a custom landing page and analyze engagement through SMS and the landing page reports.