What does each of my form or landing page options do?

Every form or landing page you create in E-goi has a set of options. To view them, simply click the Collect menu, choose Forms, hit the settings button next to the form and select Options or Behaviour (depending on what you want to change).


Language: Choose which language the form's post-subscription texts (success, error, etc.) will be shown in to people who submit it.

Page link: This your landing page link! We'll be hosting it, but you can customise part of it. If you've set up E-goi's CNAME in your site, you can even use your own link!

SEO: Will your landing page remain online for a long while (instead of a one-off event)? Then you can do your page's SEO right here to help improve its Google search ranking.

Advanced options: These come particularly handy if you need to embed HTML code in your page (eg. Google Analytics, Facebook tracking or external integrations).

Smartforms: If you form has a lot of fields, this setting will only display the fields a contact needs to fill in at any given moment, making it far less scary for them. Check out how to use it!




Language assigned to contacts: If your contact list is multi-language (eg. English and Spanish), you can choose which language E-goi will assign to subscribers.

Tag contacts: Everyone submitting the form will be tagged with whatever you want. Perfect to segment and target your subscribers!

Behaviour: This one is key! Choose whether contacts will be sent a confirmation email when opting in, when re-subscribing and when changing their subscription info. This will prevent dead or bogus emails from getting into your contact list and impacting your deliverability! You can also customise the confirmation email's content.

Limit sign-ups: If you intend to use the form for sweepstakes or time-limited offers, you can use this option to set time limits, cap sign-ups and plenty more.