Which behaviour triggers can I use for my pop-up forms and on-site messages?

When whipping up a pop-up form or on-site message, you can trigger it in multiple ways so it springs up at the most engaging time for a highly-targeted audience.

In addition to how it'll be triggered, you can also set how often to display it and which segments of your contacts will see it.



  • When viewing the page:
    Fires up your message when first viewing the webpage.
  • When scrolling the page:
    Visitors will see your message when scrolling down to a specified amount of the page.
  • After a certain time on the page:
    Simply choose how long you'd like your message to be displayed for.
  • When viewing a specific URL:
    Need your message to pop up for a specific item webpage only? Just enter its URL here.
  • Custom event:
    Your message will be fired by a JavaScript code in your site, allowing for a multitude of cool ways to display it (eg. display a 5%-off voucher code when a visitors first adds an item to their cart). Say you name this event "voucher-cart". At the Checklist step of your on-site message or form, E-goi will pull up a shortcode similar to the one below:

    You should then embed this shortcode inside the exact code snippet you want to trigger it (ask your IT people to do it for you!). In this example, let's fire the voucher offer when clicking the "Add to cart" button. We could use something like:
    <button onclick="_mtm.push({'event': 'voucher-cart'})">Add to cart</button>

  • When leaving the page:
    Your message will be shown whenever the visitor moves the mouse away from your webpage.
  • When clicking the page:
    Your message can be triggered:
    • Anywhere on the page
    • On an ID element inside your page's HTML
    • On a CSS selector

If you go for HTML elements or CSS selectors, it's not possible to combine them with other triggers, but you can choose how often they will be shown and to which contact segments.



Viewing prefs:

This sets how often your message will be displayed to visitors:

  • Always
  • Once every visit
  • Only once
  • Across a specific time frame




Segments are perfect to fire up highly-relevant messages and forms to a targeted audience. For example, you can have a special offer automatically pop up to your visitors if they browse your site within 5 days before their birthday. Simply create that segment and choose it for your trigger.

For this to work, E-goi must track each site visitor and match them to a specific contact in your E-goi contact list.

How does E-goi do this? A couple examples:

  • You've integrated E-goi with your site using Track & Engage. The visitor is already a contact in your E-goi account and is currently authenticated in your site.
  • You've integrated E-goi with your site using Track & Engage. You've sent the contact an email campaign using E-goi, which the contact clicked through to your site. From then on, E-goi will track that contact whenever they visit your site at any time in the future.