All images and links in my email stopped working! Why?

If you suddenly find that every picture in your email has suddenly vanished and no link works (while editing the email in E-goi or viewing it in your inbox), there are usually two possible reasons for this:

Reason 1 - CNAME misconfiguration

In case you've added E-goi's CNAME to your domain for improved deliverability, E-goi will only be allowed to display images and links in your emails as long as that CNAME exists (the CNAME acts like a permit between your domain and us). This means that if something happens to your domain which renders the CNAME invalid, E-goi is no longer authorised to show your images and process links!

How to fix: First things first - make sure E-goi's CNAME has actually been stripped from your domain.

1) Go to the upper right corner menu in your E-goi account and select "Senders".

2) Is the "CNAME" section empty (probably saying "No CNAME to display")? Then something happened recently to your domain which disabled our CNAME. Please contact your domain hosting staff and ask them to add E-goi's CNAME again.

Once this is done, you should have your email pictures and links back :)


Reason 2 - Bad internal network settings

In case you can only view your email pics and links using a different internet connection (eg. outside your workplace), there may be something in your company network affecting E-goi.

How to fix: Tell your systems administrators about this and ask them to run these tests. They should then be able to configure the network so as not to modify E-goi's emails, links and domains.