Adding and managing users in my E-goi account

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When using E-goi, it is possible to create users for other people to access your account, limiting their access to certain areas.



What are users?

When managing an E-goi account, it may be necessary to grant access to other people, such as an email designer or a junior marketing manager.

To do this, the platform allows you to create additional users, ensuring secure and efficient management of access to your account. This guide will guide you on how to add users, customize their access, and solve common issues related to user management in E-goi.



Before you start



  • Prepare the basic information needed to create a new user, such as the email address and a strong password.
  • Decide in advance which permissions each new user should have.






Create a new user

1) Click on the menu in the top right corner (where your user icon or profile picture is) and choose Users.

2) Click on Create user.

3) Fill in the details of the new user, including the login (email address) and password. Then click on Create.

4) An email validation will be sent to the user. The person must click on the link contained in the email to activate the account.



Limit access

1) Access the Users page by following the instructions above.

2) Click on the key icon in the user profile to set permissions.

3) Choose the permissions in the Features and Data sections as necessary.


Within Features, you can limit certain actions or simply hide this menu from the user to prevent any changes. The checkmark icon  indicates that a certain action is allowed for that user.

  • Lists: These options are related to contact lists.
  • Campaigns: Everything related to campaigns.
  • Automations: Permissions related to automations.
  • Reports: Actions for reports.
  • Forms: Everything related to creating and editing forms.
  • Tags: Working with tags within contact list segments.
  • API: Permissions related to the E-goi API.



Within the Data section, you can define if the permissions defined affect all the data or only some of it.

  • Lists: Affects contact lists.
  • Groups: Affects campaign groups.
  • Senders: Affects senders.



Manage user preferences

Change user details

1) In the user menu, select User Details to change information such as profile picture, login, contact, name, language, and time zone.

  • Profile picture: Just click on Upload and select a picture to give your account a more charming look!
  • Login: This is the email address you use to log into E-goi. If you want, you can change it, and in this case, don't forget to go to your email and validate the new address, just like you do when you create a new account.
  • Contact: Your mobile phone number.
  • First and last name: Your name.
  • Language: You can choose between four options.
  • Time zone: Here you can choose the time zone of the location where you are. This will also be the time that E-goi will take into account if you schedule any campaigns. To change it, delete the selected location. Then, you can either type a new location or select one from the list.
  • Show removed contacts: If this option is enabled, the removed contacts will appear in your lists with a "crossed-out" effect. If it is disabled, they simply won't be visible in your lists.


Login security

1) Access the account security settings through the gear icon to force password renewals, set password complexity, lock failed login attempts, and restrict login times or IPs.



Frequently Asked Questions


How can I recover or change a user's password?

To recover the password, go to the E-goi account login page and click on Forgot your password? Follow the instructions to receive a new password by email. To change the password, go to Users, select the user in question, click on the Change Password icon, enter the current and new password, and confirm the change.


Can I change the language of my E-goi account?

Yes. Log into your E-goi account, go to the menu, and select User Details. Change the Language field to your preferred language and confirm the modification.


How do I change the login of my E-goi account?

Simply edit your user profile by changing the Login field to the new desired email address. Then, confirm the modification and log out. A confirmation email will be sent to the new address.