Creating an E-goi account

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The E-goi account is at the heart of everything you do on the platform and essential to fully access its resources and functionalities.


What is an E-goi account?

It is the first step to use all the resources and tools of the E-goi platform. You can create your account at any time and start using it immediately according to our usage plans.



Before you start



  • Have a clear understanding of your business goals and what you intend to do with E-goi.
  • Ensure that your Internet connection is stable, as E-goi is a completely online platform.
  • Make sure you have a valid email address (preferably business), as account validation will be done through your email.



Step by step


Create your E-goi account

1) Create your E-goi account here.

2) The account creation process is simple and quick. You will only need to provide your email address and answer some questions about your company, so we can customize the account for you.




Use your E-goi account

1) Once created, your E-goi account has a 30-day trial period to explore the functionalities for free.

2) At any time, you can sign up for one of our plans to move on to professional use.




Deleting your E-goi account

If you do not want to use E-goi again, you can simply stop using your account. After some time, it will be automatically deleted.

But if you want to delete it now:

1) Access your account and go to the menu in the upper right corner (menu with user icon/profile picture).

2) Choose "Account Options". On the page that appears, click the "Delete this E-goi account" button and fill out the form.

3) After a few days, your E-goi account will be deleted.




Re-enabling an account suspended for low reputation

Major email providers, such as Gmail, and Yahoo keep close tabs on how people respond to your mailings. If those folks don't engage with you (by opening, clicking through, answering or forwarding your emails), email providers will assume you're spamming and downgrade your sending reputation - especially if your contacts trash your messages or, worse, flag them as unsolicited mail!

This hurts your deliverability so much that E-goi automatically shuts down your account if your sending reputation plummets.

Re-enabling the account

1) If you haven't done so yet, authenticate your email sender and add our CNAME to your domain. This will both shield your mailings and make it easier for ISPs to tell you're a legitimate sender, which helps regain their trust.

2) If your contact list was purchased, rented, harvested or hasn't been mailed in many months, get rid of it now! In case you lost your reputation while uploading it into E-goi, undo that import. If the reputation dropped after you sent out your campaign, purge all non-openers. Check out this infographic to learn which lists are OK to use.

3) If your account is re-enabled, make sure to abide by the single surefire way to (slowly) improve your reputation: only send emails to people who are engaged by what you say and who gave you prior, express consent to be messaged by you (preferably by signing up using a double opt-in subscription form in your site).




Re-enabling an account suspended for importing bad contact lists

Any list with dead emails will pummel you with bounces and spam complaints, which utterly destroys your sending reputation. This is why you'll get your account automatically suspended if importing a dirty list.

Re-enabling the account

1) If your list was purchased, rented, harvested or hasn't been mailed in many months, get rid of it now and undo that importCheck out this infographic to learn which lists are OK to use!

2) Once you've done that (or if you know the list is truly opt-in and you've been mailing these people regularly), drop us a line using the Help widget so we can check whether your account can be enabled.




Re-enabling an account suspended for exceeding the plan limit

Our email plans are usually charged by the size of your list. If you exceed the limit, E-goi won't let you do any sends until you fix this.

Re-enabling the account

1) The "plan limit exceeded" warning in your account includes an upgrade link. Just click on it and follow the instructions provided. If you'd rather keep using your current plan, go to the upper right corner menu of your E-goi account and check how many contacts you have over the limit. Then just filter out those who've been unresponsive and remove them.

2) Once your account is enabled, be sure to manually resume any suspended sends.




Re-enabling an account suspended due to lack of payment

We'll notify you whenever your paid E-goi plan renews, but if you miss your payment, E-goi will automatically suspend your account after some time.

Re-enabling the account

1) Simply log into E-goi and hit Pay for the outstanding payment in your account balance. If you'd rather cancel your plan, you can cancel the plan on that same page.

2) Once your account is enabled, be sure to manually resume any suspended sends.




Re-enabling an account suspended for spam attempts

Your account can be automatically blocked if you try to bypass the E-goi rules. For example:

  • Signing up for multiple E-goi accounts
  • Hacking attempts
  • Any abuse of service or illegal activity

Re-enabling the account

Usually you can't, but if you really didn't think you were doing something wrong, feel free to drop us a line (use the Help widget) and we'll see what can be done.



Frequently asked questions


My E-goi account seems slow or unstable

There might be something misconfigured in your company's internal network.

1) Ask the technicians in charge of your network to:

  • Run a ping/traceroute test and an MTR test. Those should be performed for both and If you can login into your account, make sure to run them for bo[serverID] as well (check your browser's URL bar after logging in to find out which [serverID] was assigned to your account).
  • Download iPerf (a small network diagnosis tool) and run it for .

These tests should be enough for your tech folks to figure whether something is amiss in your connection and how to fix it.


Which browser should I use with E-goi?

Go for Chrome or Firefox. Although using E-goi with other browsers is doable, we can't ensure you'll have a bump-free ride, as we designed E-goi with Chrome and Firefox specifically in mind.


Can I use E-goi on my smartphone or tablet?

If your mobile or tablet screen isn't too small, yep, you can do some simple things (viewing lists, sending campaigns, etc.), but for advanced stuff - such as designing a newsletter - you're much better off switching to your computer.


What happens to unused E-goi accounts?

We also purge accounts with no E-goi plan (eg. expired trials or monthly plans you didn't renew) and which then remain suspended for a further 90 days in a row.

We'll send you a couple email notifications about it well in advance. Still, if you're planning not to use your account for an extended period of time, make sure to at least export your lists so you don't risk lose them!


My account has been deleted from lack of use or end of trial. Can I get it back?

Unfortunately no  We notify you multiple times prior because it'll be gone forever. So be sure to back up any important data before the account is deleted. If you then want to go back to E-goi, you're better off creating a new account


I can't access my E-goi account

1) Check your login and password. If E-goi can't match your login to any account, it won't be able to let you through. Be sure you didn't mistype your login, made it uppercase or added spaces before or after it! If you're positive this is the right login, drop us a line. Your account may have been deleted or become unavailable for some reason.

Also make sure you didn't mistype your password (tap the eye icon next to it to uncover it). If you still can't log in, hit "Forgot it?" to create a new one.

2) If E-goi says your password has expired, click "Forgot it?" to create a new one.

3) Clear your browser cache. Your cache contains data from previous sessions which may be affecting your login.
  • In Chrome, Firefox or Safari press Ctrl, Shift, Delete (on Windows) or Command, Shift, Delete (on MacOS) to pull up the browser's cache clean-up. Choose what to clear and how far back (eg.  last 4 weeks).
    Important! Clearing your cache will probably delete browsing data from other sites you visited in addition to E-goi.
  • If you'd rather not clear your cache, open a private browsing session (Ctrl, Shift, N on Chrome; Ctrl, Shift, P on Firefox; Command, Shift, N on Safari) and try logging into E-goi using this direct link: This will ensure your browser's cache will not get in the way.

4) While you may use E-goi with other browsers, we strongly recommend you go for Chrome or Firefox. Make sure you're using the latest versions of both and, if you can't access E-goi, double-check that you've got no Chrome extensions or Firefox addons enabled.

5) E-goi uses cookies to store some account stuff. Check that you haven't set Chrome to reject all cookies or Firefox to block cookies from any site.

6) Sometimes, adblocking and anti-virus software (especially uBlock and some Kaspersky versions) may get a little cranky and prevent you from logging into E-goi.

If you use uBlock, simply head over to your E-goi account's login, bring up uBlock and hit the large on/off button to turn it off across that page (do the same in our website). Refresh the page and you should now be able to login:


7) For security reasons, E-goi may temporarily block you from logging in if we notice too many unsuccessful attempts, as this can be someone trying to get into your account without permission!

But if you're sure you've got the right login credentials and you still get the "too many attempts" warning, your IP may have been blocked for some reason. Please, try again in a few hours.

8) If you can access E-goi using a computer outside of your workplace, there may be something on your network or workstation preventing you from connecting to E-goi.

Ask your tech folks to run these quick tests to pinpoint and fix the issue on your end.

9) If E-goi says that your account or your IP address is not authorized to log in during this time, your account's main user has probably enabled an E-goi security setting which limits the time of day and the IP you can use to log in.