How does E-goi know which countries people are opening my email from?

When a contact opens your email, we look at the country of the IP address they connect to the Internet through (check out your own IP here!). Someone in the UK will be browsing via a UK-based IP whereas someone in another country (Spain, USA, Greece, Japan, etc.) will be allocated an IP from their own country. E-goi uses this to display the countries with the most opens in your campaign report or the country from the last open in the contact's action history.


What about cities?

Pretty similar. E-goi checks each contact's IP address to figure out their city as well. Depending on the IP, that location may be where the contact actually connects from or a city nearby.


Can my contacts hide their IP location from E-goi?

Yes. If a contact uses a proxy to browse with extra privacy, E-goi will fetch the proxy's country, which may differ from the contact's. Overall, the info E-goi gets from your audience's IPs is still good enough to reliably auto-segment people by country, as most web users don't browse via anonymous proxies.


How can I auto-segment by country?

Simply create a segment using the "Country for the latest open" criteria.

Cities are a different matter though. Yes, you can also segment by city for the latest open, but we recommend you go for a sign-up form and ask people which city they're hailing from when subscribing. Due to the way IPs work, this is far more reliable than trying to automatically guess each contact's city.