Integrating E-goi with Instapage

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Learn how to integrate Instapage with E-goi in just a few easy steps. Subscribers will be added to your E-goi list and entered into your automations.



What the integration does

  • Synchronises leads collected on your Instapage pages with your contact list in E-goi.

As E-goi contact synching is able to trigger automations, you can automatically send emails and SMS to new subscribers, tag them or funnel them into any of your nurturing flows.




  • Any E-goi account.
  • An Instapage account.




This integration is available for any E-goi account.

The integration is free to use, but any contacts you sync and any campaigns you send (eg. email, SMS) may have their own costs, which depend on your E-goi plan.



Before you begin


API key for your E-goi account

When setting up the integration, Instapage will request your account's API key.





Setting up the integration

1) Log in to your Instapage account.

2) The integration is done entirely via Instapage. Follow this how-to by Instapage.



Frequently asked questions


The integration doesn't work on Instapage's preview mode

The integration runs on the live URL of your Instapage only. Be sure to use a browser session in incognito mode when testing.


Will the integration work if a form field doesn't have a name?

Fields in Instapage must always have a name or label for the integration to work, so be sure not to leave any field empty (even if you add trailing spaces).

If you really need a label not to show up, tick the "hide label" option in a field to hide it.