Integrating E-goi with Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a Wordpress, which means you can easily integrate it with E-goi:

1) Download our Smart Marketing plugin for WordPress and install it. Use your E-goi account's API key to activate it.

2) Once the plugin is up and running, click the "Smart Marketing" menu in your WordPress admin panel and hit "Integrations".

3) Enable the Contact Form 7 integration and choose the E-goi list people submitting the form will be added to.

4) Now head over to your Contact Form 7 settings and create a new form by pasting in the following code (it uses CF7's form tags):

<!-- FIRST NAME -->
<label> First name
[text* first_name] </label>
<!-- LAST NAME -->
<label> Last name
[text* last_name] </label>
<!-- EMAIL -->
<label> Email
[email* your-email] </label>
<!-- MOBILE -->
<label> Mobile
[tel cellphone] </label>
<!-- PHONE -->
<label> Phone
[tel telephone] </label>
<!-- ADD A TAG TO E-GOI -->
[text your-subject "YOUR TAG"] </label>
<label> E-goi's extra field 542
[text extra_542]</label>
<div style="display:none;">
[text status-egoi "1"]
[submit "Send"]

The above code will generate a CF7 form with:

- First name (required)
- Last name (required)
- Email (required)
- Mobile
- Phone
- Your message subject. E-goi will tag the contact with it)
- E-goi's extra field 542. An extra field is anything other than good-ole first name, email and similar fields; the number 542 is just an example - to find your extra field's number in E-goi, simply go to the "Lists" menu and hit "Options" of the list your contacts will be subscribed to.
- Subscription status. This can be either active ("1") or unconfirmed ("0"); you won't see this field in your live CF7 form, but it must be included as a hidden field in order for contacts to be added to your E-goi list)
- "Submit" button. CF7's default submit button.

And that's basically it! Feel free to customise the above code or add and remove fields. Then simply go live with it on your Wordpress site. Anyone submitting your CF7 form will also be fed into E-goi.