Adding extra fields to a contact list


When adding a contact to your list in E-goi, you can use the following fields:

- First name
- Last name
- Email
- Mobile
- Phone
- Birthdate

If you need extra fields (eg. city, customer code, favourite items, etc.), you can easily create them:

1) Go to the "Contacts" menu, head over to the list you want to add fields to and hit "Options".

2) You'll be taken to the list settings page. Scroll down to "Extra fields" and click "Add".

3) Type in the name of the field and select its type (whether it'll be a text, date, number, list of entries, etc.). For example, to add a city field, just name it "City", set it as "Text", hit "Add" and then click "Save" (bottom of the options page).

Done! Any extra field you've created will become available when you add, import or edit a contact. And yes, you can also add it to your forms :)