Adding a file upload option to my form

Fancy letting people use your E-goi form to submit files (say, a photo)? This is how it's done:

1) Head over the "Collect" menu, hover the mouse cursor over "Forms", and hit "Create".

2) A page displaying all forms in your E-goi account will come up. Click the blue button next to the form you want to modify and hit "Edit".

3) You'll be taken to the form editor. Click "Add items" on the left-hand panel and drag the "File upload" item to where you want it inside the form.

4) E-goi will ask you which field in your contact list should be used to save the files uploaded by your contacts. It's usually better to create a separate field for this. So, under "Match this field with", choose "new field". Then provide it with a name (eg. "Photo") and hit "Add".

The file upload widget has now been added to your form! Simply customise it - click on it to select it and use the left-hand panel to change its name to, for example, "My photo". Type in some help text if necessary. Save your form and you're all set! Once you deploy the form (or if you just browse it in case you deployed it already), the file upload option should be there, ready to use.


Where do I see the file a contact submitted?

Just search for that contact in E-goi and view their profile. Under the new field you've created in step 4 above (which in our example would be titled "Photo") you should see a link to the file :-)


Which file formats can my contacts upload?

JPG, PNG, DOC, PDF, MP3 and TXT. Each file shouldn't be larger than 2 MB.