How can I deploy my form?

Once you've created a subscription form in E-goi, you have several ways to put out there for your audience to see.

In fancy E-goispeak, we call this "deploying the form" ;) You can deploy any form at any time, either by hitting  the "Deploy" button while editing the form itself or by clicking the options button in the forms page (available in "Forms" under the "Web" menu).

Once you are in the deployment window, click “Add another deployment” and choose where do you want to insert your form:

In my website or blog

This is the easiest way to embed the form in your site. Simply copy the HTML code we provide and insert it in your own page's HTML code. You can do it in a couple differente ways:

HTML: Displays the form inside your page.

Iframe: Displays the form in a page inside your page (ie, an iframe). This may come in handy if you don't want the form to impact your page layout too much.

Button: Generates a button on your page which pops a window up containing your form.

Advanced HTML: Pushes out the form's raw HTML code for you to customise at will. This is the best option if you enjoy getting your hands dirty with HTML or if you're looking into integrating the form in an external landing page service.


Share it

A super-easy way to give anyone access to your form! Just copy the form link and add it to an email or send it over in any way you like. You can also use the "Social media" option to share it using your Facebook or Twitter profiles, as well as plenty other networks.


QR code

Creates a QR code for your form URL, which mobile-toting folk can easily scan to sign up. Perfect to print out and add to your business card or to any type of hard-copy advertising material.



Enables the form in GoiMeUp, our free app which turns any tablet into a full-blown mobile sign-up form in a snap. Check out how to use it!


Facebook page

If you have a Facebook page for your brand or business, E-goi makes it a breeze to use it to collect leads! Simply connect E-goi to your page and a "Form" button will be added to it. Visitors clicking it will be shown your sign-up form. Still, keep in mind Facebook won't allow that button to show up on mobile! Alternatively, you can add a call-to-action button inside Facebook itself and then plug your E-goi form link into it. Need to add a Facebook remarketing pixel as well? Just follow this how-to.


Pop-up window

You can also have your E-goi opt-in form automatically pop up when people browse your site! Just choose this option - but do make sure to use it sensibly!



For each of these deployment methods you can also activate E-goi's security certificate by ticking the HTTPS option. For example, when sharing the form, select "Direct link" and you’ll see the options page where you're able to enable or disable HTTPS.