Can I use emojis in my email?

Yep :)

You can add any symbol or emoji to the message body and to the subject line of your email in E-goi:
- If you work with macOS operating system, use this key combination: ctrl + cmd âŒ˜ + space bar and choose the emoji.
- If you work with Windows operating system, use this key combination: win ⊞ + . (period) and choose the emoji.

Done, it's that simple! When people see your email, it should display the symbol you've chosen.

Why "should" though? Well, how symbols look like (or whether they show up at all) depends on the software or email provider that your contacts are using (for example, the full-colour, super eye-catching emoji versions usually come up on iOS and Android). Some emojis won't even display unless you install specific fonts! So, always go for symbols which render fine across all devices and email clients

Nevertheless, try not to go overboard with emojis - their novelty effect wears off quickly and can look spammy, impacting your deliverability!