How does the suppression list work?

The suppression list is how E-goi automatically prevents you from re-importing bad contacts which would ruin your deliverability.

Which contacts do you mean?

- Invalid or dead email addresses (bounces)
- Email addresses reporting you for spam (be sure this doesn't happen!)
- Contacts requesting they never receive anything from you at all (account-wide or from a specific list of yours).

Whenever any of the above happens (or if you do an automated list clean-up), E-goi will disable the bad contact's email channel and add their email address to the suppression list. If you later try to import them into any of your lists, E-goi will simply skip them.


Can I manually add contacts to my suppression list so I never import them?

Sure :)

1) Click the Contacts menu and hit Suppression list.

2) The suppression list will come up. Click Add contacts for suppression, enter the contact's info (it can be an email address or a phone/mobile number) and save your changes.

If you already have a do-not-mail list from another marketing tool and you want to use it in E-goi, just copy all email addresses or phone numbers from that list and follow the steps above to paste them (make sure they are one per line), so you can add them to your E-goi suppression list in a single go.

Can a contact in the suppression list be re-added to a mailing list in my E-goi account?

Contacts in your suppression list will never be re-added by import.

But they will be added if they subscribe to any of your lists using a sign-up form or if you insert them manually.