Using an email parser to auto-add contacts to my list

Say you'd like to to automatically add people to your subscriber list whenever they buy something from your online store. Email parsers allow you to do just that! E-goi will pull your customers' info off the order confirmation email and add it to your mailing list, so you can then auto-send them cross-selling offers or direct them to a sales funnel.

You can also user email parsers on membership services, CRMs and any lead generation tool. Basically, if whatever system you're using sends you an email with customer data, you can use that email to automatically add the customer to your list in E-goi.

Just follow the steps below:

1) Go to the "Contacts" menu and hit "Options" for the list you'll be adding people to. Then click "Email parser" on the left-hand menu to go to the parsers page.

2) We've already included parsers for a whole lot of popular shopping carts. For example, if you use to process your orders, simply hit "Enable" next to it, copy the email address at the top of the parsers page and set your 1shoppingcart account to send order confirmation emails to that address.

3) That's basically it! From then on, E-goi will parse any order confirmation emails your shopping cart sends to that address and add the buyer's info to your list. You can then fire up a follow-up email series or auto-sort your customers into segments.


Creating your own parser

In addition to using E-goi's in-built parsers, you can also edit them or set them up them anew. This is strictly programmer's territory, so make sure you know what you're doing ;)

1) Hit "Add parser" at the top of the parsers page and enter the rules you want E-goi to keep an eye out for (check out the existing parsers to get up to speed with the rules you should use).

2) Then use the "Test" feature to ensure your emails are correctly parsed. Once your parser is up and running, it'll be automatically added to the list of available parsers in E-goi.


Which services does E-goi already integrate with using email parsers?


Shopping carts
Authorize.Net Auto-Receipt
Authorize.Net Merchant Email Receipt
Clickbank Orders
Clickbank Alternate
Custom Parser: Cydec Alternate Failed Orders Orders Orders (alternate)
Cydec - New Customer
Cydec Affiliates
DL Guard
DPD Sales
Google Checkout
Kagi Orders
PayDotCom: Sale From Affiliate
PayDotCom: Payment Processor
PayDotCom: Direct Sale
Practice Pay Solutions
Premium Web Cart
Professional Cart Solutions Orders
Shopping Cart Gurus
StormPay Payments
Ultracart: Auto Responder Notification
Ultracart: Default Parser
Verisign PayFlowPro

Membership sites and podcasting tools
Extreme Member
WishList Member
Wishlist Alternate

Lead services
Automotive: AutoUSA
Automotive: Autotrader Leads
Automotive: CSAA Vehicle Purchasing Service
Automotive: Leads
Automotive: Costco Auto Program
Automotive: GMC Leads
Gravity Forms
Real Estate: NexTag Mortgage Leads
Unbounce Form Submission