Adding users to my E-goi account


Sometimes it may come in handy to allow fellow workers in your company (eg. designers, junior marketing managers, etc.) to use your E-goi account as well.

You can easily do this in a secure way (no need to part with your own login data). Just create a user in E-goi for each of the people you want to grant access to:

1) Head over to the upper right corner menu and select "Users".

2) The users page will come up. Click the "Create user" button.

3) Enter the new user's information, including their login (i.e. their email address) and password. When you're finished, hit "Create".

4) E-goi will then send a validation email to the new user's email address. The user simply needs to click the email's validation link to be able to log into E-goi with their own login and password.



How can I assign permissions?

Each user can set their own preferences in an E-goi account.

However, the top-level user can assign permissions for individual users and limit what they do. Just go to the Users section following the steps above and click the user's key icon you can see in the image above.

You'll then be able to assign permissions on E-goi Features and your account Data. The options are quite simple to understand; let's have a look.



You can limit the actions that a user can do in a specific Feature or just hide it from view altogether. The checkmark icon  indicates that a certain action is allowed for that user.

- Lists: All these options are related to your contact lists.

- Campaigns: Everything to do with your campaigns.

- Autobots: Permissions for your automations.

- Reports: Available actions for your campaign reports.

- Forms: Everything related to creating and editing forms.

- Tags: Working with tags when you head over to the segments of a contact list.

- My E-goi: From managing users to viewing your account balance.

- API: Permissions for your API access key.



In this section you'll determine which of your account data is affected by the permissions you set.

- Lists: Impacts the contact lists.

- Groups: Affects the campaign groups.

- Senders: Influences the senders section.


You can also control the user's login; click the gear-shaped button  (upper right corner of the user's page). A window will come up, allowing you to:
- Set passwords to auto-expire after a given time.
- Enforce password formats and overall security.
- Ward off people repeatedly trying to login using wrong passwords.
- Require users to log in during specific times of the day or via preset IP addresses.



I lost my own user password!

No worries. You can reset it in a jiffy!