How does the automated contact clean-up work?

If your contact list is quite old (say, people haven't heard from you in more than one year) or is a bit sketchy, many of those email addresses are probably dead or have no one using them.

Messages sent to those folks will bounce back, ruining your deliverability (hitting lots of bounces may actually suspend your E-goi account!).

This is how you keep your list super-healthy

You also get a special scrubbing weapon: our automated clean-up  :-)



What happens when I run an automated clean-up?

E-goi's clean-up will remove anyone who didn't open your emails in the last 6 months and who:

  • has an invalid or mistyped email address (as per the rules set out in RFC2822)
  • has an email with list bombing history
  • has an email with spamming history
  • tends to mark all emails as spam
  • has been tagged as as hard-bouncing contact
  • may pose a deliverability risk to your email sends



How to use it?

1) Click the Contacts menu and hit View all to see all your lists.

2) The lists page will come up. Click the options button for a specific list and select "Clean up bad contacts". Choose which type of contacts you've got in the list.

3) Hit the Clean up list button. It should take a couple minutes at most (it's usually much, much faster). We'll email you the result when done!



Some spammy email addresses still got into my list after I did the clean-up. What's happening?

You're probably using an E-goi API integration or a subscription form which got list bombed and has no double opt-in validation. Be sure to enable double opt-in in either your form or your API calls.