Which date formats can I use when importing my database?

When importing your contacts into E-goi, you can use any of the following formats for date-based fields (eg. birthdays):

yyyy mm dd
dd mm yyyy

If you're importing an Excel file (XLS or XLSX), make sure any dates in it are stored as text:

1) Open your contact file in Excel and right-click on the column containing the dates.

2) Select the "Format cells" option. A window will come up. Click "Text" (on the left-hand side category listing) and then hit "OK".

3) You're good to go! You can now save your file and upload it to E-goi.


After I import my contacts into E-goi, which format will their dates be displayed under?

Although we let you import dates in multiple formats, any date in E-goi (for example, when you edit a contact) will always be shown in the standard international format: yyyy-mm-dd.