What's a "list of entries" field and how should I import it into E-goi?

Any contact you add to E-goi has a set of default fields (name, email, etc.), but you can add extra fields for anything else you need! These extra fields can be text (eg. a postal address), numbers (eg. a customer ID), dates (eg. a birthdate) or even a list of entries. (eg. a list of favourite products).

Say you have an online store with a list of favourite products for each customer and you want to import that info into E-goi. Just follow these steps:

1) Go to the "Contacts" menu, head to the list you want to edit and click on "Options".
2) The list settings page will be displayed. Go to the "Fields" area and then add a new field under "Extra fields". When adding the field, choose the "List of entries" type.

3) Give the field a name (eg. "Favourite products") and now click on "Add" to add the name of a favourite product. Do the same for all other favourite products you want the field to include. Once you're done, hit "Save"

4) You'll see that each favourite product has been given an ID number. Note down these numbers as you'll be needing them later when importing your customer database into E-goi.

5) Open your customer database in Excel (or another spreadsheet editor) and add a "Favourite products" column. For each customer enter the ID number of their favourite products. You must follow this pattern:


So, for example, if a customer has Fruit, Fish and Rice as their favourite products and these product's ID numbers in E-goi are 1, 2 and 3, you'd need to enter this:


6) Do the same for all customers in your database. When you're set, save your database file and proceed to import it into E-goi.

That's it! When the import is finished, you can then use this info to easily segment your database in E-goi.