Can I remove E-goi's seal from my emails?

By default, emails sent out using E-goi will include E-goi's anti-spam seal in the footer.

This seal lets your contacts know that your message abides by email marketing standards and best practices. It works like a postage stamp and complaints handler all rolled into one, ensuring that your message is consent-based and not a forgery. This increases trust among your contacts - and the more they trust you, the higher your deliverability!

The seal also allows your contacts to request their right to be forgotten (as per GDPR) or file a spam complaint.


What happens if someone asks me to be forgotten?

We'll notify you in case that person is in your contact list, so you can purge and permanently forget them.


Can I remove your seal from my emails?

Usually you can't, as it's required by law and email marketing best practices. Still, if you've already got your own unsubscription method in place (not E-goi-based) which also handles GDPR requests, give us a shout using your account's Help menu so we can look into it.