Gmail and Yahoo deliverability best practices

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In addition to email marketing best practices, Gmail and Yahoo enforce some specific deliverability rules to curb spam and phishing emails.



Why these rules

As some of the most popular - and heavily spammed - email services, Gmail and Yahoo have put special rules in place for inbox delivery (effective February 2024 onwards).



Don't use Google-based email senders

Messages sent from email addresses ending with "", "" or "" may be rejected, even if the sender is an email address from a Google account you own (paid or otherwise).

Your email senders in E-goi should always use a custom registered domain owned by you or your business (eg. instead of

If you don't have a custom domain, we can provide it to you! Drop us a line via your E-goi account's help section.



Your email sender must be authenticated with DKIM, SPF and DMARC

Besides DKIM and SPF authentication (plus our CNAME), you must add DMARC to your domain as well.

If you already authenticated and added DMARC

You're good to go.

If you already authenticated but left out DMARC

Authenticate your domain again (DKIM and SPF should be green and skippable) and follow the DMARC instructions.

If you haven't authenticated yet

Authenticate your domain and be sure to include DMARC.

If you've got a paid E-goi plan, we can authenticate it for you free of charge (all the way through or DMARC only). Drop us a line via your E-goi account's help section.



No spam complaints

Your email sends should ideally be free of spam complaints. If you follow our best practices, you'll hardly get any, but try keeping your contact list squeaky-clean and always send highly targeted, relevant messages which your contacts love and opted in for.

Your email campaign report includes your spam complaint rate - keep it at zero at all times.



Clear unsubscription link

The unsubscription link should always be easy to find in your emails. If you customised its look and feel, be sure the text isn't too small or hard to locate.

E-goi's default design for your unsubscription link abides by email marketing best practices.



Can I get detailed technical information on these rules?

Yes. See this tech how-to at our blog.



I do all the above already. Anything else I'm missing?

You're all good. Keep monitoring the results of your sends on Gmail and Yahoo to ensure the highest deliverability.