I've sent my campaign just now. Can I still cancel it?

Depending on your send's status, you might.

As soon as you send your campaign, E-goi will take you to the in-progress sends page (which also shows other queued actions, such as list imports). You can refresh it at any time by clicking the large button on the upper right corner.

If you're sending a campaign out to thousands of contacts, the "Status" column will pop up a small bar with the number of contacts the campaign has been sent to. Once the bar fills up (how fast depends on several things), E-goi will have finished getting your whole campaign out the door! For small sends (say, just a handful of contacts), you may not even get to see a progress bar at all, as by then E-goi will have mailed them already. Completed sends are taken off the page.

We take care of the whole send for you. It'll run in the background, which means you can navigate away from the in-progress page to do anything in else in E-goi - feel free to log out or even close your browser! To check out your current in-progress sends, just click the cogs on the upper right corner of your E-goi account.


How do I cancel a send or queued action?

Simply hit its options button (right-hand side of the page) and choose "Cancel". Keep in mind that once messages have been sent, you can't get them back, as they'll have been delivered straight to ISPs or network operators, which E-goi has no control over!


How do I resume a send or queued action?

If you paused your campaign or if your account has been re-enabled and you want to resume any suspended sends, just hit their options button (right-hand side of the page) and choose "Resume".


My send is in "suspended" status. What does that mean?

A campaign may get suspended for multiple reasons. To view what happened, click the orange warning icon on your suspended send. E-goi will pop up more info and tell you what to do.