Importing products from my store into E-goi

Got an online shop? Then you probably know all about emailing your customers with a cool special offer. What you don't know is E-goi can take the legwork out of manually plugging in the data for each product in your email! Simply import your store products into E-goi and pick-and-choose those you want to embed in your email :-)


Wicked! How can I import my products into E-goi?

We've made it as easy as it gets! Just install the latest version of our WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Magento plugin and it'll auto-sync all products for you.


I'm using a different ecommerce software. How can I import my products?

Quite simple:

1- Start by creating your shop promo email using our Email Builder editor. Drag the Products widget (left-hand side panel) to where in the email you want the product to be displayed and then click Catalog.

2- E-goi sees a catalog as a set of products (eg. all the products in a specific language or currency in your store). This means you'll need to create a catalog before adding products. So, in the window that comes up, hit Create catalog.

3- Provide the catalog with a name, choose the language and currency of the products it'll contain and click Create.

4- Now you've created the catalog, let's crack on with importing your products! First things first: export the products from your online store as a CSV file. The file's fields (product title, price, description, etc.) and the column order must be the same as the ones in our CSV file template (you'll see it in E-goi's product import window).

5- Once you're sure your CSV file follows exactly the same format as our template, click Add products in the import window, choose your CSV file and wait until E-goi is done importing it.

Once you've got your products in E-goi, you can now add any of them to your email! :-)


How do I add products to my email?

Easy as pie! Drag the Products widget (left-hand side panel) to where in the email you want the product to be displayed. Then just select the product to show and you're all set! On the editor's left-hand panel you can choose which product info to include (price, description, etc.). To display more products (you can have up to three in the same block), click the plus sign on the lower right corner and pick any other product.