Integrating E-goi with Magento

Do you run a Magento-powered site? You can integrate it with E-goi to turn into a lean, mean marketing automation machine:

1) Download the E-goi extension for Magento 2. Unpack the ZIP file and use your FTP app to upload the whole content of the "Egoi2" folder to the root folder of your Magento installation. Connect via SSH to your Magento root directory and run the following (you can skip the last two commands if your shop is currently offline):
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile 
bin/magento setup:setup-static-content:deploy

2) After the E-goi extension is installed, log into your Magento admin panel and head over to the "Marketing" menu, where a new "E-goi Marketing" menu has been added. Use your E-goi account's API key to activate our extension.

3) Once activated, the extension will create a contact list in your E-goi account containing two extra fields: magento_locale (the contact's language) and magento_store (your store's URL). The next time you run a Magento cron job, all your current customers will be synced to your E-goi list. You can also go to the "Accounts" menu of the E-goi extension to do this manually.

And that's it really! From then on, any new customer in your Magento shop will also be added to your E-goi list.


My Magento returns an error when installing the E-goi extension. How do I fix it?

Start by checking that:
- Your server meets Magento 2 minimum requirements (especially the PHP version and available memory).
- The user has permission in Magento to access the E-goi extension.

If you still have trouble installing our extension, head over to the "Help" menu in your E-goi account and get in touch with us so we can have a look at your Magento install and sort you out.



How can I auto-send SMS to my shop's customers?

You can set up an Autobot (which will dole out SMS texts, emails, push-based messages and do a heck lot more cool things). But our own Magento extension can send transactional texts for you (on purchase, shipping, etc.):

1) Go to the extension's "Autoresponders SMS" menu. Under "Event Trigger" choose when the SMS will be sent and what triggers it.

2) Hit "Information" (left-hand side of the screen) and type in the message text. Its sender will be the same you add in E-goi. Feel free to use the "Insert widget" and "Insert variable" buttons to dynamically merge the customer's own purchase details in your text. When you're done, switch "Status" to "Active" and click "Save Autoresponder".

And there you have it! Your store will now automatically text customers who provided their mobile number and match the conditions you've set. To have a look at your SMS sends, click the extension's "Autoresponder Logs" menu.


How do I create a shopping cart recovery email for my Magento store?

We've blogged about this. Have a gander!


Which JSON info can I fetch for that email?

WooCommerce returns a lot of JSON data. You can plug the following in your E-goi email:



My store runs Magento 1.9 or earlier. Can I use the E-goi extension?

We designed it from ground up for Magento 2, but if you can't upgrade your shop at this time, consider downloading our old Magento 1.9-compatible version.