E-goi says my domain is recent or that a link is blacklisted. Help!

Domain too recent

A domain is that bit in your email address right after the "@" symbol. If you used, say, me@example.com as your email sender, its domain would be example.com.

However, if you registered your domain a short while ago, it'll be given the stink eye from Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo and other email providers, as they tend to see lots of spam coming from recently registered domains!

So, if you get this warning, drop us a line (use the "Help" menu). We'll check your domain age and try to help you out.


Blacklisted domain

In case you add a link to your email campaign containing a blacklisted domain (ie, a domain which email providers have tagged as a spam source), E-goi won't even get your campaign out the door, as this would ruin your deliverability.

Drop us a line instead (use the "Help" menu). We'll try to help you pinpoint any issues in your domain so you're able to delist it.