What's E-goi's API and where do I find my API key?

In addition to hundreds of direct integrations, we've got an API (Application Programming Interface) designed to do things remotely on E-goi (eg. uploading contacts, sending campaigns, etc.).


Where's my API key?

Many E-goi integrations will ask you to enter your API key. Simply head over to your user menu (upper right corner), click "Integrations" and copy the key.


Any security precautions for my API key?

Yes. Make sure to use it only when an integration requires it. Avoid sharing it with others, as anyone who gets it can hijack your account with basic programming skills. Keep it secret, keep it safe - just like your password!


What should I do if someone nabs my API key?

Generate a new key as soon as you can. Just click the "Apps" menu in your account and hit "Regenerate key".


I'm a programmer. Can I whip up an awesome E-goi integration for my awesome thingamajig?

You bet :)

You can integrate E-goi with any external system, website, online service, app or software. Check out the API docs!