How fast does E-goi send my emails?

E-goi will always get your emails out the door at the maximum speed allowed by four things:

- Your account's sending reputation: The higher the reputation of your E-goi account (which mostly depends on your list import hygiene and how well your campaigns have been performing), the quicker your emails will be sent.

- Your contact imports: Some spammy-like list imports and exports can ring E-goi's alarm bells and throttle your sends over a few days while we double-check what you're actually importing.

- Your account level: The higher your E-goi account level, the quicker your emails will move through our sending queue. Pro and Corporate accounts can ratchet this up further by using multiple dedicated sending IPs.  

- Your contacts' engagement: The more engaged your contacts get (by opening and clicking through your emails with nary a spam complaint), the quicker you'll be given the go-ahead for major ISPs (such as Gmail,, Yahoo, etc.) to turbocharge your email delivery across all remaining contacts. Engagement is the one key piece of evidence for ISPs that people love you and want to hear from you.

- ISP throttling: In addition to dynamic engagement-based filters, Gmail,, Yahoo and virtually all major ISPs have their own fixed delivery limits per hour.

Generally speaking, if you consistently get a high E-goi account reputation and high engagement from your contacts, a 75,000+ send shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, with even 500,000+ sends wrapping up in a couple hours. Much smaller sends will obviously be done in a flash :)