Defining user preferences in E-goi


When you create an E-goi account, you can set your user up as you like.

Ready? :)


1) Click the top right-side menu (where an icon or your profile pic appears).

2) Then select "User info".

You'll then find some settings. It's simple to understand them; let's have a look.


Photo: Just click "Upload" and select a pic to give a charming look to your profile.

Login: This is the email you use to login into your E-goi account.

You can change it if you want to. In that case, don't forget to go to your inbox and validate the new email, just like you did when you created the E-goi account.

Contact number: Your mobile number.

First and last name: Your name.

Language: Choose among the four options :)

Time zone: Here you can choose the time zone according to your current location; E-goi will also use it for your scheduled campaigns.

Show removed contacts: If this option is activated, the removed contacts appear in your lists with this "strikethrough effect". If it isn't activated, the contacts just aren't shown.



What if I have more than one user?

There can be one or more users in an E-goi account, but there will always be a top-level user and it'll be identified with this little symbol . To access the user options:

1) Click the top right-side menu (where an icon or your profile pic appears).

2) Then select "Users".

3) And there you have your account users and the different options.