What's an email open and how does E-goi track them?

E-goi records an email open when a contact who receives your email does one of the following:

- Views the images in your email
- Doesn't view those images but clicks through any link in your email

What do we mean by "views the images in your email"? It's quite simple. For safety reasons, virtually all email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) require people to allow images in an email to be displayed.

This means E-goi will only track opens when your contacts enable "view images" while reading your email. If the contact doesn't allow images but clicks on any link in your email (including those action links we place in your email's header and footer, such as "Web version", "Recommend", "Remove", etc.), E-goi will also track an open.

This method is similar to how ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) measure your email engagement, and that's why we use it as well. The more contacts in your mailing list allow images or click through your emails, the higher your engagement level, which in turn grants you an increased sending reputation - and this is key to have your emails landing right in the inbox!

So always strive to send out mailings with timely, relevant contents driving your contacts to view images and click through your links. Deliverability depends on many factors but this is by far the most important!