On-site Messaging. What is it and how to implement it on my website?

On-site Messaging is about pop-ups or floating windows created in E-goi and enabled through over website, allowing you to engage with your visitors.


This is an excellent way to catch the attention of your website visitors. They are a great opportunity to:

  • Promote exclusive content.
  • Make visitors aware of special offers on your products and services.
  • Share news and inform visitors of changes and important information.
  • Collect new leads, using pop-up forms in this case.

Use them to create a friendly experience for your website visitors.

In this article, you'll learn more about this feature and how to implement it to round out your digital strategy.



Types of On-site Messages

It'll all depend on your needs, so here are your choices:

  • Pop-up box: Centred on a page, this option provides you with space in which to highlight products or special offers to catch your customers' interest.
  • Sidebars: On the left or right.
  • Banner: Headers or footers.
  • Fullscreen: Similar to a pop up box, but takes up the entire page.



What's the right timing for my pop-up messages?

You can opt for the pop-up to appear when triggered by certain actions that visitors take on your page. In fact, choosing the right behavioural trigger is critical to engage in the friendliest way possible. Here are your options:

  • When they access the page.
  • When visitors reach a certain point or have scrolled through a certain percentage of the page.
  • When visitors take an action towards leaving your website.
  • Once they've been browsing for some time.



How to I create and publish them on a website

Step 1: Create an on-site message

1) Click on Collect in the main menu, then hover over Forms in the drop-down menu that will appear and click on Create.

2) Next, select On-site Messaging and pick the website you want it to appear on from the drop-down menu. Click Next.

3) Then choose to create From scratch and select the type or design of your Pop-up.


Important note: Each On-site Message needs to be linked to a website, which must be configured previously in the E-goi Tag Manager.


Step 2: Define your options

You can start configuring your pop-up now by working through the options.

  • Internal name: Give your pop-up a name you'll be able to recognise it by.
  • Language: Taken over the pop-up.
  • Behavioural trigger: To activate the pop-up.


Step 3: Customise the message

Customise your form using our editor. All you have to do is drag the elements on the left, drop them into the centre and configure all the options on the right.
Basically, all you have to do is follow the same principle as on the sign-up landing page editor.
The difference is, here you'll be able to view a simulation of how your pop-up will look on your page ;-)

In this step you can also set how you want it to be positioned (left, right, top, bottom) and how big (small, medium, large) you want the pop-up to be.
To do this, you'll find the option you need in the Settings menu in the top right-hand corner of the editor.

When you're ready, click on Next.


Step 4: Confirm everything and enable your pop-up

Check you're happy with all the options you've chosen in the previous steps.
If there's anything you still want to change, just click on Edit.
You can either activate your pop-up from here or via the E-goi Tag Manager whenever you want :)



How do I see the results of my On-site Messages?

You'll need to go into your list of forms to access the report:

1) Click on Collect in the main menu, hover over Forms and click on View All.

2) From the left options, select On-site Messaging, find the pop-up that you want to check. Then click on the right-handed button and select Results from the drop-down menu.