Creating unique fields

Unique fields are simply fields which won't accept duplicate data. They're perfect to prevent duped contacts, as E-goi won't let you add contacts whose data in a unique field is the same as another contact's.

For example, the "email" field is usually unique to prevent repeated emails from getting in your list when you import contactsmanually add them or use a sign-up form in your site.


Can I turn any field in my contact list into a unique field?

Yep. Say you've already created a field named "Customer code" which you want to be made unique so it can only include different codes:

1) Go to the "Lists" menu, head over to the list containing that field and hit "Options".

2) You'll be taken to the list settings page. Scroll down to "Unique fields", click "Add", choose the field to be set as unique and save your changes.

Done! From then on, E-goi will check for duplicated content in that field any time you add someone to your contact list.


I'm creating a contact list in E-goi. Do I need to turn the "email" field into a unique field?

E-goi does it for you! If you choose the "Email" option under "What will you be sending out most often?" when creating your list, the "email" field will be automatically made unique. The same will happen to the "mobile" field if you tell E-goi you'll be sending out SMS texts or voice broadcasts when creating the list.