Warming up my IP address

Any time you send out an email across the Internet, it relies on an IP address to reach its destination. E-goi allows you to use a shared IP for your sends (assigned to other E-goi accounts as well) or go for a dedicated IP (which is yours only and hence much faster and safer).

A dedicated IP is usually "cold", as it was allocated specifically to you and has never been used. This is why almost all ISPs (such as Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, etc.) will put it on a temporary watch list to make sure you're sending engaging emails and not spam. Proving to them that you are good sender is what warming up your IP is all about.

A warm-up will usually take about 30 days and this is how you should perform it:

1) Start by segmenting your contact list to single out those folks who signed up in the last 3 months. You'll be using these recently subscribed contacts for the entire warm-up - they should be extra receptive to your messages (especially if they signed up via double opt-in form) and much less likely to have bouncing email addresses or, worse, report you for spam. Speaking of which...

2) During your 30-day warm-up periodnone of your mailings can exceed a 5% bounce rate or a 0,1% spam complaint rate! If any of them does, you'll need to restart the whole warm-up from scratch. That's why it's so important to mail your most recent and most engaged contacts only.

3) Before getting your emails out the door, be sure to authenticate your senderadd our CNAME to it and set up DMARC. Done? Now let's carefully throttle up your email traffic over the next 30 days. Say you send daily emails and you've got one hundred thousand (100K) recent contacts. This would be your warm-up schedule: 

- First 5 days: send only 10K emails per day
- Next 5 days: send 20K emails per day
- Next 5 days: send 40K emails per day
- Next 5 days: send 60K emails per day
- Next 5 days: send 80K emails per day
- Next 5 days: send 100K emails per day

After 30 days, if you've followed this schedule like clockwork, your IP should be fully warmed up and ready to email your entire contact list :)

Warming an IP up is a complex task which should not be taken ligthly! Don't worry though - we'll always be on hand to guide you through the whole thing.